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What makes me feel good is that she is still alive. I have to believe that the world is still capable of kind, unselfish, and even bright-faced people, and that my science and medicine can still help people. My friend continues to hope that some day she will meet somebody in her life, that she can sit down with and talk to, and see whether she could find some niches for her formidable capabilities.
Also, the (locked-down) household in lockdown is not the same as the student at the University of East Anglia. The temperature at my house is always in the mid to upper teens. We have only 1 air conditioning unit, it is not very effective.
Data has been at the centre of my life. I love it. I love it mostly because it is so open. It is neutral. It is everywhere. It’s not perfect but it is where I work. I love that there is an expression of this search: an embrace, not a fight.
I remember when I left home on my own, I joined a gang in Baton Rouge, La. The University of Louisiana at Monroe is “Auburn’s neighbor to the north”, it is a small southern university and part of the SEC, the big football conference that adds to its rivalry with the University of Alabama. LSU is always in SEC championship play and I am sure Alabama is very good, but Auburn is a great college and it was my first experience of the south, I had never been south of Nebraska, and I have been a lot… and I liked it, both my parents were always telling me how it was bad where I was going, the south was bad, the Spanish are bad, people are bad, there are no morals and I was a terrible influence on my cousins (my parents did the most getting me to the south, I started as a young adult) There are worse places in the world, no question… but it has been a while since it was that bad for me, and I have been accused of being a left wing pinko queer, but that’s not what it was about. I went into that gang just to get in trouble, and I did it for a bit, I was there for a bit, over 1 1/2 years, and I had fun, I was surrounded by people I liked, working, and I am sure I was (in the limits of youth) pretty intelligent and literate, and all of that was “bad” in those days, I read a lot of books, I read a lot of military history, a lot of textbooks… I liked the idea of killing, I thought it was pretty cool, I had the rifle before I went in, I had the stun baton when I went in, that was fun. I loved the idea of killing, and it was easy, until I saw what happened…

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