FSX – Captain Sim Boeing 707-300 VC-137 Expansion (RIP) Torrent \/\/TOP\\\\

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FSX – Captain Sim Boeing 707-300 VC-137 Expansion (RIP) Torrent

Captain Sim also has a flightdeck section on their website, but it is not as extensive as Milviz’s. (Strangely enough, when you purchase it you also get a voucher to download the Milviz flightdeck as well. This is a nice touch.) The model they provide is a bit substandard in shape, the interior lighting is dark and dim, and they don’t even have a landing gear. You can download the.pak file, but it is for the P3D demo. Though this is, perhaps, a bit of a stretch, you could probably use the file to get inside the model and build your own setup using a lightbeamer, if you really wanted to.

Captain Sim does an excellent job with the landing gear retract and extension. The pedals, controls, and levers are the same as on their -200, so the cockpit feels natural and plays well with the animations. It’s so easy to line up and retract the gear, the DLC includes a practice simulation. These legs actually look like they could really hold a Boeing-sized plane.

The FCAPS allows you to use your own windows; after all, this is a flight model. However, Captain Sim doesn’t provide this feature. This means it’s a bit hard to set up, and there are differences in the config files between the two providers. This, to me, is unfortunate, because F33A’s windows are the most fun part of the build.

Both have the same AP and STSs to avoid the need for SPs. However, the SPs work slightly differently in each product. The VC has a simplified SPs system that works more like the ACEs on the NGX, and the SPs work as in FS9 in reality (really basic – pitch, yaw, throttle). They are, in all honesty, working pretty well. The Milviz SPs have always been fairly basic, but the VCs work the same as the NGX APs if you prefer that style. The SPs that I’ve spoken of work perfectly in both products, in fact, I’ve been working with the NONE SP77 on both the Milviz and Captain Sim 707-300s.

Both have the new overlay feature and are pretty good at placing this beautiful tiling. I fly around 2 hours a day, but the overlay looks great (perfect!). However, both have a few little annoying things. In the Milviz version, the overlay has a few ‘blind spots’. The ACs are unusable (camera is directly ahead of the AC), and the changeover from the ACs to the VC is poorly done. Additionally, the first interiors of both have this rather obnoxious coloration to their captains seats. I think the first interiors are OK, they could certainly be more bland. However, I don’t like the heavy coloration of the VC interiors – it makes them look a bit cheap.
The other aspect of this game is the ability to customize your aircraft’s looks. The Captain Sim 737 is pretty heavily modded, with a good number of skins to choose from, and they are all high quality. The default one is a good starting place. You can also order from their catalog – essentially a built-in choice of cockpit dashboard. This is a nice touch, as is their nice selection of interior options, e.g. refit your interior to look like a DC-8, or vice versa. The Milviz is pretty bare bones, other than the basic conversion they offer as a download. If this is your cup of tea, you’ll be okay.
They are also dedicated to their support. Not only do they offer a knowledge base and troubleshooting tools, but the forums are responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have not flown Milviz, but there are definite people to contact there, should you need it. The Captain Sim forum is a little more sparse in that regard.


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