Forrest Gump Full Movie Tagalog !FULL!

Forrest Gump Full Movie Tagalog !FULL!

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Forrest Gump Full Movie Tagalog

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the odd-couple pairing of sam “the man” (“a quick thinker and a fast talker”) and forrest (“a slow thinker and a slow talker”) is a constant throughout the film. it’s often joked that one could almost predict which one of the two will speak first. sam is the more sensible of the two. he plays a major role in forrest’s life by encouraging him to pursue his dream of attending college, even though forrest is a poor student and his only achievement in high school is his wealth of experience.
the film’s characterizations fall along the usual lines: the soldiers are often exaggerated, the civilians are often downplayed. in the flashbacks, jenny is portrayed as a brainy, intelligent and a complex character who is never portrayed as a ‘good’ girl. in the main story, her character is instead very clumsy and oversensitive. these are more likely to be a result of tom’s writing than to be any fault of the actress. in the story of the movie, she also has a few more scenes in the beginning and ends of the film. although she plays a significant role in the screenplay, the actress, under the direction of tom, never got to play a major role in the film.
the film includes the famous scene where forrest is visited by jfk and a crowd of admiring people. in a famous scene, he even receives a standing ovation. forrest is a minor character in the story, but this scene is some of the most memorably filmed moments in the film. it also includes the famous scene where forrest and bubba are first seen together. it’s ironic that the two characters who are most famous in the movie are not even that of the two main characters: bubba and jenny are the most insignificant characters in the film. forrest and bubba are a constant throughout the story.

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