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·>Assists with booting Windows based computers and also run other programs.
·>Puts the user back into Windows and presents a menu to start programs.
·>Built-in file and registry editor.
·>Full support for customized users, groups and system tray icons.
·>Fully automatic or manual, user-selectable runtime updates.
·>Provides access to Windows and Start Menu programs through any of three layers – icon, menu or toolbar.
·>The customizable system tray can now contain any application, and you can add icons or menus with a simple drag-and-drop action.
·>Optionally, you can connect to removable drives and show their contents.
·>Optionally, you can connect to network resources and show their contents.
·>Optionally, you can connect to the Internet and show the contents of any web page.
·>Open control panels and access hidden features such as the file properties dialog box.
·>Show hidden file extensions and deep folder structure.
·>Built-in toolbars and context menus, such as Open, Save, Save As, Print, and Delete.
·>Optionally, you can start any application by clicking on its icon.
·>Optionally, you can create custom contextual icons and add them to your system tray.
·>Optionally, you can assign each user their own set of contextual icons, so that each user can have the system tray customized to their needs.
·>Optionally, you can add an optional translucent background that works independently of the system theme.
·>Optionally, you can set the desired startup page.
·>Optionally, you can add folders for shortcuts to applications.
·>Optionally, you can add shortcuts to any other applications.
·>Optionally, you can connect and show the contents of removable drives or the “My Network Places” folder.
·>Optionally, you can modify the Windows desktop by creating custom folders and other items.
·>Optionally, you can modify your desktop wallpaper.
·>Add text, pictures, videos and sound files to any area of your desktop.
·>Display battery information.
·>Add a clock to any area of your desktop.
·>Hide selected applications from the taskbar.
·>Hide the taskbar.
·>Change the default theme.
·>Add folders to the Windows start menu.
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Using 2 Thumbs Up! means that you will never have to work without your files at hand.
Instead of only having your images in your computer, you can view them on your phone or netbook as well.
Having 2 Thumbs Up! is also the easiest way to find files or directories on your system.
Without a help you will have to memorize the file names of all your files in all your folders.
If your memory fails you, try 2 Thumbs Up!
Viewing thumbnails is the best way to browse an image collection.
Now you can find out exactly what file is what.
Installing the 2 Thumbs Up! program is easy. You will only have to install a simple C# Script to your computer.
When you do that you are ready to use all the program’s features.
Program Features:
■ Thumbnail and image creation, browsing, copying, moving and more.
■ Organize and navigate your folders on the system.
■ View thumbnails on your device.
■ Viewing a slideshow of your images.
■ Convert and enhance images.
■ Image enhancing.
■ Image delete, rename, move.
■ Image searching, browsing, and moving.
■ File copying, moving, renaming, and deleting.
■ Filter by filesize.
■ Sort and search by file size.
■ Filter by thumbnail resolution.
■ Multiple thumbnail resolutions.
■ Directory browsing.
■ File tagging.
■ Filter by tags.
■ Supports multiple custom tags.
■ Image captioning.
■ Image backup.
■ All pictures and thumbnails are supported.
■ The software is compatible with all versions of Windows since Vista and XP.
■ Support for all kinds of files.
■ Menu shortcuts.
■ Several skins are available for a more personal look.
■ Even more to come.
Please contact us for a detailed list of features.
Thank you for your support!
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