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From the creators of Gravity Rush, comes an action RPG set in the world of Elden Ring, a fantasy world established in a place far from our own, where magic and technology are used together in a battle of forces. Tarnished, a charming and cocky thief in a knight’s garb, finds himself in a world where magic is around every corner. He steps out to rob a city gate, but was never planning to return. The chase begins!

Who is Tarnished?

Tarnished is a young man who is on the run for trying to steal from the robber’s guild. He possesses light magic similar to a sword, but he is also capable of using the dark magic of his enemy, Falc’s dark sword, and most importantly, the power of his people, the people of the Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The war between the two worlds
    A land occupied by humans with rampant greed, a land swarming with monsters and stripped of its peace by hand of the Elden Lords.
    The war is a war that permeates all areas of society. Even the most peaceful civilians are thinking of the latest outbreak of war.

  • Elden Cast
    A multilayered drama where the various thoughts of the characters intersect
    A multilayered drama in which a story unfolds with the passage of time.
    Characters have dreams of their own, and goals to pursue in their lives.

  • Asynchronous multiplayer
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.


    The war is starting. The continent is in upheaval and preparing to move up against the usurper-Kingdom on the other side of the world. The people have driven away the Elden Lords, and are seeking a new leader to fill the Tarnished Throne.

    The Earlswood, the first step in the civilization of the Highlands, is facing similar problems. The Lords of the manor, or Leonalas, have been scattered by a ferocious monster that was well sealed off in their ancestral castle, but recently breaks out and sows fear and destruction.

    The Fenelar Province, which shares borders with the Urbank Empire and the Planar Empire, is preparing for a crisis. An ancient defensive move that saves the people from an invasion has the plans of the enemies exposed.

    The Tribe of Brass is in constant upheaval. In order to unite its scattered people, the mighty Empire bargains with them for land in order to create a northern Frontier, which dominates the main route between the North and East.

    From beyond their borders in the far east, the Kingdom of Formosa has declared war on the Leonalas Empire.

    It is fate that brings you to the edge of these conflicts.

    What comes out is up to the story of YOU:

    • Status: Rise Up
      Select your race, class, and equipment.

    • Create


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      There’s three modes in Elden Ring.

      Single Player Mode

      Challenge Mode

      Survival Mode

      There are 4 types of Characters in Elden Ring.


      Royal Knights

      Law Enforcers


      Warriors: It is a only character who is only equipped with a sword.

      They are designed to use a strength of their own body to fight for victory.

      As a warrior, you can get any weapon you want.

      (You can also get a double sword, or two swords at the same time.)

      By equipping the weapon, you can grow in strength.

      But, the damage done when you use the sword is fixed.

      There’s no matter how strong you are, you will only do damage of a certain amount.

      A warrior with a sword has advantages over a warrior without a sword.

      In case of a warrior without a sword, their strength and attack power are increased.

      They can’t do damage, but their attack power and strength are increasing.

      But, the sword is already equipped to them.

      The sword is the only way to increase their strength.

      It’s difficult to play a game while using a sword.

      But, a warrior’s sword attack is weak, but it will grow stronger.

      Royal Knights

      Royal Knights: It’s a knight that can use any type of weapon at any time.

      No matter how strong the warrior is, they still can’t use a sword.

      It is very hard to hold up against a knight.

      But, the knight has superior attack power than a warrior.

      But, there’s a limitation to the number of magic spells they can use.



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      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.







      Gather (MP)

      Split (MP)

      Glide (MP)

      Recovery (MP)

      Sprint (MP)

      Fire Burst




      * The playtime and workload of each character will differ depending on the number of times their special skills are used.


      Fighter: Training

      Archer: Hunting

      Porter: Camping

      Summoner: Summoning

      Doctor: Healing

      Playtime (minutes): 1.5

      Playtime (hours): 2.0

      * In order for the skills to be used, the character must be moved. The amount of time necessary to move character will vary depending on the skills that are used.


      * Players who have taken part in official group activities will be given a higher level than regular players.

      * If a player gets a promotion, it will be changed to a higher level.

      * If there is a balance adjustment, the change will be applied regardless of the event or level of the player.

      * The highest level of the different types of players is not changed.


      Navigate: Drag and drop items using the arrow keys.

      Bind key: Drag and drop items using the arrow keys and bind a key to use the item.

      Hold item: Drag and drop items using the arrow keys and hold an item to use the item.

      Item stats: Types of items and the stats of the items are displayed.

      Save slot: Drag and drop items using the arrow keys and save an item to the save slot.

      Sort: Items are sorted by the item name, item type, total experience, and level.

      Search: Items in the current slot are searched using the text box.


      Auto-stacking: Items are automatically stacked together.

      Auto-transfering: Items are automatically transferred together to the selected slot.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      read more

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      Read the T&C of the game at the end of this page.

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      About game

      ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG game where you can take control of a Tarnished character and experience deep and exciting turn-based online battles with other players. Take control of a powerful Tarnished and fight to become a Tarnished Lord in the Lands Between.

      The game world is inhabited by a variety of fantasy races. And, you will encounter other characters with complex feelings in battles against enemies.

      In your journey as a Tarnished Lord, you can talk to many other players and exchange information with them. You can also use this opportunity to exchange items, and strengthen your bond with other players.

      As you fight in battles in the Lands Between with other Tarnished Lords and their armies, you will become one of them and be able to form parties that exchange information in a more private environment.

      You can also trade items with other players to strengthen your bond and achieve parties that share the same purpose. If your bonds with the other players become stronger, your parties will be able to perform a variety of actions in the world.

      As a Tarnished Lord in the Lands Between, your party members can attain a variety of fates in the game world. They may become allies and protect you from enemies, or they may become enemies to you and undermine your existence, depending on their attitudes.

      If you win battles as a Tarnished Lord, your bonds with the


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    World for patches:

    1. Folder /PCBound Studio/License

    2. Create a new folder on PCBound Studio.

    3. Copy the patch to play to that folder, the name of the patch is “ED” (for Elden Ring).

    Download the Official web-version of Elden Ring on:

    1. The official website of a version of Elden Ring.

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