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Charts are very important on websites. A Website without charts can not be accepted by visitors because charts can show the data which is relevant to visitors’ interest. Even you have no idea how to design a chart, using “Easy Chart Designer” is a good idea. This program can save you many hours of time and make you easily design charts for your websites.
Key features:
1. Save Chart As HTML Chart.
2. Auto Generate Chart.
3. Open Chart To Web Browser.
4. Preview Chart.
5. Export Chart As PNG Or JPG File.
6. Options To Make The Chart In Different Styles.
7. Simple And Easy User Interface.
1. Select ‘Advanced’ To Make Charts in Different Styles.
2. Select ‘Save As’ To Save Chart As HTML File.
Useful Charts:
1: Pie Chart
2: Weight Chart
3: Donut Chart
4: Line Chart
5: Scatter Chart
6: Custom Markers And Colors To Chart
7: Solid Chart
8: Bubble Chart
9: 3D Chart
10: Bar Chart
11: Gantt Chart
12: Average Chart
13: Others Custom Charts
What’s New
1: Use And Transfer Text/Image Between Powerpoint.
2: Add Button/Link To Chart.
3: Change Chart In Different Styles.
4: Fix Different Line.
5: Fix Empty Chart.
6: Powerpoint Export Via File Geodatabase File.
7: Powerpoint Export Via File Geodatabase File.
8: Fix Not Set The Title.
Version Info:
1. Fix a problem that Powerpoint cannot export as geodatabase file when powerpoint export.
1. Fix a error that you can not download software from website.
1. Fix a problem that cannot export to multiple sheets in the same presentation file.
1. Fix a problem that you can not export different names with the same sheet in the same powerpoint file.
1. Fix a problem that ‘Save Chart As HTML’ page cannot be displayed.

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Easy Chart Designer (Latest)

* Design charts easily.
* Use any font you like.
* Export chart into various formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, EMF, FLA etc.
* Send chart by email.
* Insert chart into your document, PowerPoint, PDF or website with this tool.
* Easy to use.
* You need not to know HTML or OpenOffice to use this software.
* No plugins required. in the world.
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Easy Chart Designer Crack

1: Design Chart And Save Chart.
2: Generate Chart (will auto-open into Internet Explorer).
3: Choose ‘File/Edit with Microsoft Word’ in Internet Explorer.
4: Choose ‘Edit/Select All’ in Microsoft Word.
5: Choose ‘Edit/Copy’ in Microsoft Word.
6: Choose ‘Edit/Paste Special + Microsoft Word Document Object’ in Powerpoint.
7: Or just use the generated HTML code in your own website.
8: Done!
I’ve spent too much time on this software.
1. Please close the application if it is open.
2. Please close the icon if it is open.
3. Minimize it and set as tile.
4. If you’re using the Page function, you may have to click it again to show the designer.
5. Download it.
6. When you are downloading the package, please use 8180 (not 8180s).
7. If you found a bug, please report it.
If you have any suggestions, please report them.
First, I would like to give you a quick introduction to Easy Chart Designer, which is an easy software to create charts and graphs.
It is useful for both desktop software and web applications.
Compared to the others’ drawing tools, like MS-Powerpoint, CoolEdit Pro, HTML editor, etc., we try to make it easy for you to design charts and graphs.
Moreover, it is easier for you to design charts and graphs in a web browser.
For people who are not familiar with any drawing tools, charts and graphs are difficult to design.
With Easy Chart Designer, you do not need to be a drawing expert to design charts and graphs.
It’s for people who want to quickly design charts, and have not much time.
Here are the features of this software.
1: User-friendly interface.
2: Support multi-level data.
3: Support multi-values data.
4: Support fonts, borders, pictures, etc.
5: Support high quality chart and graph.
6: Support downloading from Internet.
7: Graphs can be displayed by clicking in the drawing area.
8: The design chart can be saved by a right click.
9: Option for table layout, page layout and

What’s New in the Easy Chart Designer?

This is an easy and free application that helps users with creating HTML5 diagrams (PNG,SVG,JPG etc) by drawing real chart (Cartesian, radial, polar, pie etc) in Microsoft Word document.
Please try.
Charts (polar,cartesian,radial,pie etc) can be designed easily.
Also, you can export chart as JPEG, PNG, SVG and HTML5 codes.
* Support png, jpg, svg, woff2, woff, eot, woff and font.
* Easy to draw chart.
* Can change color, size, form of circle and path.
* Generate auto-open chart in Internet Explorer.
* Provide web address when create chart in Powerpoint, so that you can use your chart online.
* Provide HTML code for your own use.
Features in Next Version:
* Easy to fill data, more complex charts are supported soon.
* Supports link to other webpage.

Gel Grid – Gel Grid for Powerpoint
A new free powerpoint slide template for graph. It is suitable for PowerPoint, PPTX, PPTM and PPSP. It is the perfect insert for gel graphs or pie charts.
Gel Grid is an efficient powerpoint presentation.It is a powerful tool to create visual comparison charts, bar chart and pie charts.You can view and download the sample files, view the source code and edit the text.
All the numbers, bars and pie are hard to read. GEL GRID solves this problem.
On the new presentation, there is one master slide and four insert slides. The master slide is like a puzzle piece. Each slide has a rectangle with a number. They represent the names of the objectives and the four attributes of the master slide.
After you fill in the master slide, each slide has a graph. You need not to fill the graph manually. A range will be automatically filled.
You just need to view the graph to understand the formula.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with 1280×800 display @ 60 Hz
DirectX: Version 11
Processor: Quad Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics or equivalent
Additional Notes:
Software Updates:
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available


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