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DTM Dashboard 1.02.02 For PC [Updated-2022]

Database Transaction Monitor (DTM) is a reliable and easy-to-use software that comes in handy when you wish to track and monitor your database transactions and activities.

The software can trace all database activities, monitoring any of your applications, even the ones that are not yet installed on your computer. DTM offers an application monitoring panel that displays your database’s transactions, when you modify a file in a database, run a query or start a transaction.
The software is more than a transaction log, though. It’s an add-on for the SQL Server Management Studio, an all-in-one tool for managing and monitoring your database. You can choose to trace all of the activities in your database, or only the ones related to a specific application.
Further, DTM allows you to easily monitor and control all of the databases on your computer, enabling you to manage and monitor the database applications that you have installed.
DTM Features:
Database Transaction Monitor provides a panel that can trace all database activities, monitoring any of your applications, even the ones that are not yet installed on your computer. The software enables you to monitor and control all the databases on your computer, enabling you to easily manage and monitor all the applications you have installed.
The software allows you to choose to track all the transactions in your database, or only the ones that are related to a specific application. You can also choose the period in which the software should trace all the activities.

In addition to database activity tracking, the software allows you to monitor file changes, run queries, open and close transactions, etc. The software includes the following tabs: Connections, Lists, Schedules, Profiles, Logs and Templates. Each of the tabs includes sub-tables.

DTM displays all the connections to the database. You can use the software to download, install and uninstall applications. It can also be used to generate report files. DTM’s Connections tab displays all of the connections to the databases on your computer. It’s a simple, quick way to manage the connections you have created. You can access and manage any of the connections listed in the Connections tab. You can also use the connections to manage and monitor databases. The software generates reports for the connections you have created. You can save the reports in a specified directory or export them to a common format.

The Lists tab displays all the installed applications.

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You are no longer needed to be aware of the software you use. Create, download and install any software with DTM Dashboard and manage the current installed applications.
Track all the updates and configure them.
Access your data through DTM Dashboard, which can be integrated in any of the software you use.
All programs from DTM dashboard are included in one big and handy panel.
Use DTM Dashboard to monitor and manage your DTM software installation.
Who is DTM
DTM Software Solutions is a developer of reliable database and software management tools. We are working to provide simple-to-use software with wide functionality. We believe in simplicity, the high quality of all our software and the reliability of the services we provide. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and have a responsive support team.
DTM Software Solutions – the developer of the first and best reliable and simple-to-use application for managing the databases on your PC. We provide a number of tools for managing databases – including DTM Data Editor, the first application that allows you to edit the database directly, without having to log in to your hosting database.
The ability to save the project and get the latest version from the web-based sources, built-in project management, and a friendly interface – these are just some of the tools that make DTM Data Editor so easy to use. And that is not all! You can use it to control all the installed programs, export the data you wish to work with, and also have the ability to open the hosting database with the Click of a button. This feature is extremely useful when working with a large number of data sources, as the way to access the hosting databases can be cumbersome.
What do you like most about DTM Dashboard? Give us your comments, ideas, and suggestions on DTM Software Solutions’ Facebook page.

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What’s New In?

– Track the most recently modified files, in all applications installed on your computer.
– See the most recent changes, author name and notes for each project.
– In Projects View, click a project to see the most recent modifications.
– When you update DTM applications, note any changes in the programs.
– Note the dates of the last modifications of each project.
– Note the amount of project files created by each application.
– Check the DTM license key, and the folder containing it.
– Open the database of the currently selected project, with one click.
– Backup, open, show and save files.
– And much more.

Recent changes:
– The Projects tab is now accessible from both the Applications and Projects windows.
– The Add Connection button has been added to the main menu.

DTM Data Portfolio is a standalone application designed for managing data files. The program can import and export files from any data source (local or network). Each exported file may be compressed with the selected compression method, such as zip, tar or bzip2.
The software supports multiple compression types, including the following:
– User defined compression: you may choose among the compression types you wish to use.
– Compression supported by the current platform: zip, tar, bzip2 and gzip are supported.
– Compression methods for databases: CSV, Excel, MySQL, Oracle, Access and SQLite.
– Text files: Word, Excel, OpenOffice (Writer and Calc).
– PDF, Images and JPG, as well as video, audio and other file types.
– OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, and many more.
– Drag and drop files to and from the Export and Import sections.
– Drag and drop files to the Table of Contents, for easier navigation.
– Search files by name and date.
– Filters to help sort the contents of folders.
– A progress indicator to track the progress of each export operation.
– A user interface designed for tablets.
– The ability to create, import, export and extract zip, tar, bzip2 and gzip compressed files, through all types of data.
– The ability to handle the following file types: HTML, XML, PDF, Images, Office documents, audio, video, archives, archives, databases, text files, text files, spreadsheets, and spreadsheets.

DTM Studio is a development application for creating, importing, extracting and testing MDB and SQLite databases. DTM Studio, as well as the other DTM applications are available as free downloads.
Included in the package are:
– DTM Studio;
– DTM Data Collection Suite;
– DTM Collection Suite;
– DTM Collection Suite Update;

System Requirements For DTM Dashboard:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 4GB or more
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphic card with 1GB of VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: At least 50GB available space for game installation
How to install:
1. Install Steam by running the installer from the game’s main directory.
2. Install the game


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