DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones For PC [March-2022]

Many users might have found themselves in the situation where they needed to send the same SMS message to a multitude of recipients and could not do it in an efficient manner on the small screen of their mobile phone, yet software that can help in such situations do exist.
One of the tools designed specifically for such moments is DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones, which allows users to send SMS messages from the comfort of their desktop computer, as long as a BlackBerry device has been connected to it.
Straightforward interface
The application comes with easy-to-use, intuitive looks, which makes it a good option for all kinds of users, including those who do not posses advanced computer skills.
Users can easily add new phone numbers to their recipients list, while also being able to define new messages within seconds, directly from the program's main window.
Create exclusion lists
Provided that users have a large number of phone numbers in their address book, they can create exclusion lists right from DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones, thus being able to send new messages only to the people they want.
The tool comes with support for templates, which simplifies the creation of new messages, as older ones can be saved for later use. However, users can also send personalized messages to each number in the list.
Import contacts and messages
The utility allows users to import phone numbers and messages from Excel files, though this feature requires that Excel (Microsoft Office) is installed on the computer.
During our testing, we noticed that the tool can offer fast performance and that it is light on system resources. However, it does require for users to connect a BlackBerry device to computer and configure it before being able to enjoy its functionality.
Enjoy reliable performance
All in all, DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones is a simple, intuitive application that can save users a lot of time by allowing them to send bulk SMS messages directly from their computers. The tool is snappy and also delivers stable operations.







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DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones


DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones Crack (Updated 2022)

What’s New in the?

DRPU Bulk SMS – BlackBerry Mobile Phones is an easy-to-use SMS messaging application that can help users send bulk SMS messages from their BlackBerry mobile phone or PDA.

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System Requirements:

Note: As of the update 3.3, Imprisoned is now an Experience Card.
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 /
macOS 10.6 or newer
HD Graphics 570 or better
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 or AMD equivalent
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD equivalent


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