Doubley Custom Kontakt Library Creator 21 [BEST]

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Doubley Custom Kontakt Library Creator 21

Link: Download Modern Drum Breaks to Inspire Your Projects
Due to the popularity of modern drum breaks, drum breaks is one of the most widely used sound genres in music.
For some of us, it’s just not possible to produce drum breaks from scratch due to lack of time or skills.
This is where modern drum breaks library by Standalone-Music can help us – it’s a recording of a real drum kit with pre-recorded loops laid out for the you to play along with.
The sound is warm and authentic, the loops are realistic, they are a great mixture of Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop and Techno.

Link: Download Drums from Early 90s Hip-Hop and Rap albums – Free sample library
This is a sample library similar to the ones produced by Groove Agent and Hardknox, with carefully picked drums from a lot of rappers and popular albums from the late 1990s.
The library is roughly 2 GB in size and consists of drums from labels like Ruffneck Productions and Nu Style Records, and features a wide range of samples ranging from Roland to the exotic Studio Microphone.
Features include 2 dynamic layers and 10 round robins of high, low and a combination of the two, with a total of 30 articulations including downsampled snare hits and 808s.

Link: Free Jazzy Loops Volume 1
Free Jazzy Loops Volume 1 features hits from over 16 popular labels, genres, and artists.
This library comes packed with everything from Blues, Rock, Dubstep, Big Room, Pop, Rap, Jazz, Chill Trap and more. Deep basses, warm, growling synths, and melodic leads are all included.
This is a great tool for producers looking to add that hip and jazzy factor to their tracks.

Link: Download at V2 by Output in collaboration with Dodrill is an exclusive collection of an up to date selection of the free Kontakt instruments Dodrill created in the last years. The instruments included in the library are various from a complex symphony to more edgy sounds such as improvisation and emotive keys. The instruments are highly interactive, allowing you to modulate the sound with buttons, sliders and knobs, but also to push the envelope further and create wild wild rhythms with the new polystep functionality.
Link: Download at Editors Kontakt free library, track 02: Its the second track from the free Kontakt library created by Editors. The library is designed to offer its users a huge collection of samples and presets, making them easier and more immediate to use. With the introduction of Multis, you can interconnect different presets in one single performance without having to load a whole Instrument. The library comes with a total of around 300 instruments and 130 multis and includes 20 sampler patches. So what do you think?
Link: Download Atmos VST Freeform sample pack by Mobiista This is the perfect sample pack for Kontakt users, with over 16 GB of Audio and over 11 GB of MIDI files, any sampler users would find a good use for this pack.
Link: Beat Robots by Sample Hero This is a Kontakt library loaded with over 744 MB of MIDI and 2000 sample files. These are all perfect for anyone looking for truly inspiring drum samples. The drumkit comes with 5 different drum racks and 30 Drum layers with 20 various kits and accents. The drum kits are available for Kontakt 3, but even if youre using Kontakt 2, the sounds should still work fine.

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