Dokidoki Little Landlady


Dokidoki Little Landlady

Enjoy watching the new episode of the naughty gay hentai movie Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu part 2 about the fantasy world where live semi humans. A whole long winter I had a hibernation. During that time my little boy Airi grew up and now its a time for him to look for a partner. I have to show him the outside world. I didnt know when I found a baby on a see coast, he would be a large breed. When I was sleeping, my hentai friend Kou kept an eye on him. I thought Airi grew up, but still he wants to sleep together with me. I gave my nipples to him to suck, when he was a baby. From being sucked so much, my nipples have become so sensitive. My cock is so hard and I take pleasure laying next to him. My moans turns him so much

good in sucking cock, but I couldnt have sex with her in our landlord house because our meeting was only by her work. She is so naughty for a kindhearted and pure person. A regular customer of ours is a dwarf, who always brings “good luck” to my landlady and me. Even though his size is only one third of my body, he is physically the biggest in this universe. He is really a friendly guy, but he loves to make fun of my landlady sometimes. It drives her crazy, because she wants to protect us and takes care of us. I still love her so much!

So! The year is 20XX and I become the assistant manager for the store “Dokidoki” as my’senpai’, Miyuri Asao. “Dokidoki” is a super-large shop with a lot of additional stores and a huge parking lot. It is in the heart of the city but it has relatively cheap prices for goods. In addition to that, it is also superpopular because it is the most closest shop to the station and it is the best store in the downtown area. Asano is very famous, especially because he is in the 40s and my’senpai’ is in the 20s. Hahahaha! Now that I think about it, Asano should probably be my father because he is so talented at business. What an honor! I really want to work hard to become a better employee in the future, but I actually used to hate my previous job. The old lady in the store was always making me do a lot of work because I always picked the wrong items. It was always a real pain. Asano would often scold me, but he always let it go since I helped him to increase his sales and it was good for me.

the hentai video dokidoki little ooyasan part 2 shows the naughty story about the college student and his lustful landlady. every month at the payment date, she visits her handsome tenant to get money for the rent and to serve her special service. this is any kind of sex pleasure, a blowjob or a fuck. she is very a open mind young woman and ready for different experiments. she has the petite body with sweet small tits and looks like a teen schoolgirl. but she is even older than her hentai video customer. their relation has been going for months and their feelings are getting only deeper. every time when she comes to get rent money, his cock gets harder.
my sweet nasty story in the hentai video dokidoki little ooyasan part 1. i am a young student who lives along and rents the room from the really nice and cute landlady miyuri. i get free sex service from the landlord every month on the day when i pay the rent. her amazing technique in contrast with her childish face made my heart and my cock her prisoner. she may look young, but she is actually older than me. she looks so mature that i take advantage of it. last month she showed me her wife skills by making me breakfast on the next day after a hot night. who would have thought that a nun outfit would look so good on her. i am sure that i fucked her before breakfast because she look so pure and dirty at the same time. she is also very attractive. her sweet face, great hips, firm ass, and cute breasts are to die for. in my dream, i have to do a part-time job. but i do not want to work so hard. i still study. i think i should do it at home, but i dont know how

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