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Creating a protective veil to keep all the devices from a local network safe from intrusions that may sneak in by taking advantage of unprotected ports is not a very easy task. Fortunately, there are enough solutions to mend such potential problems and DEKSI USB Security is one of them.
Quick access and practical layout
This program comes with a plain GUI, without any sort of adornment and clearly bent on functionality rather than good looks. All the functions and commands are at hand, it is quite a simple job to manage the remote clients that control the access permissions.
Remote installation and configuration management
DEKSI USB Security works by enforcing a set of custom permissions on the target systems through dedicated clients. They can be set up from the same centralized console and customized individually, so each PC can have its very own set of rules, which is saved inside the Settings Manager.
The options can be adjusted in an easy manner so as to have external devices, including BitLocker ones blocked from connecting through USB ports. It is also possible to activate password protection and, more importantly, create a white list with the devices that are allowed to connect, like network printers or other such peripherals.
Active Directory is also supported and to connect to a specific domain it is sufficient to provide the credentials and tick a box to use them when accessing a client computer.
Client reports and detailed logs
DEKSI USB Security sports a pretty good reporting functionality that can help administrators keep track of installed clients, while retrieving the saved information and exporting it in the form of RPT report files. Log files can be viewed inside the application, from the dedicated area, by simply checking the box corresponding to the target PC.
Decent protection through a basic feature set
The conclusion for DEKSI USB Security is that it promises much, but still has a fairly long road ahead. Creating advanced and custom permissions is not possible and, overall, the peogram is not as easy to use as it could be.







DEKSI USB Security 6.1.8 Crack Download

DEKSI USB Security is an extremely efficient Windows-compatible solution to keep all the computers in a remote network safe from unauthorized access by unanticipated attackers through USB ports. The program will limit the number of devices that can connect to a machine by configuring the ports that the latter can access and by adding exceptions to the internal “white list” of trusted devices.
DEKSI USB Security Design:

DEKSI USB Security is a suite of tools designed to maintain the security of a Windows network by blocking unauthorized access to USB ports from possible attacking PCs. It is a comprehensive solution for local security, suitable for every remote network and available as a downloadable product for an unlimited time.
DEKSI USB Security Highlights:

100% working solution designed to keep networked computers safe;

The software carries no spyware, no adware, no virus, no malware and all this is made possible by an advanced user-friendly graphical interface;

Easy to use;

Applications are identified and categorized for quick launch;

Additional wizards, configuration tools and enhanced settings are offered to help the user carry on the configuration with great ease;

Installs and sets up the needed software packages automatically, without any prompts during the entire procedure.

The CD and the setup file can both be used to set up the software on a wide variety of operating systems;

Creates a privileged administrator account and protects the data stored on the computer, eliminating the need to turn on “Superuser” on the targeted PC;

Efficiently runs on every version of Windows from XP upwards, being compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, as well as Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2008 and 2012.

The program is supported by an active forum, available in multiple languages and offering an unmatched support service, so it is a superior user experience.

Starting with a 30-day trial version, DEKSI USB Security is a highly recommendable solution to secure a client PC or server against unauthorized attack.

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DEKSI USB Security 6.1.8 Crack + License Code & Keygen

When you are trying to protect your network from external intrusions by setting up a comprehensive password protection system for computers, the traditional SSL-protocol can be replaced with DEKSI USB Security Product Key.
You don’t need to install the program directly on the target machine or grant it access to external resources. DEKSI USB Security 2022 Crack runs as a dedicated program on the network machine that you want to secure.
Once installed and running, it will actively seek out all client machines in the network and inform the owner of what is happening. DEKSI USB Security Cracked Version will allow him to apply specific security restrictions for the client in a centralized manner. You can block outgoing connections, prohibit connections through external ports, limit all possible network connections to just those inside the network and much more.
Protection against complicated network threats is possible with DEKSI USB Security and thus makes it ideal for business environments. There is still work to be done though and as a matter of fact the final version of the program has a lot of things to improve.
Would you use DEKSI USB Security?
This can be very useful for workstations within a network, which are not directly connected to the Internet, but are still able to communicate with network servers. Its’ functionality and manual access are the main reasons why you should definitely consider using DEKSI USB Security.
To get started with it, start the setup wizard that will walk you through all the necessary steps. This is the place to handle all requirements and limitations you will have with the program, as well as the setup location.
A novice may be confused by the documentation, but there is an online help utility. There you can read and understand the configurations, as well as view all the log files. You can also create and customize your own permissions, which is not possible with the default version.
Make sure to check all the information provided, especially the possible limitations. There are no in-built security standards like MACs or SSIDs, only the passwords or access limitations.
According to the description, DEKSI USB Security is not the ultimate tool for protection and it still has a long way to go.
Easy and completely centralized access control
Help online or via on-line docs
Limited configuration options
No external device support
Duration of protection
The evaluation version of DEKSI USB Security is free of charge but the final version comes with two licenses (by default for 10 computers), and it can be installed on 20 or unlimited computers.

DEKSI USB Security 6.1.8 Crack + Free [Updated] 2022

DEKSI USB Security, also known as DEKSI USBSecurity and DECSISecurity USB, is an alternative to DEKSI Disk Security and is a USB security program that comes with advanced and custom security settings and features. It is designed to ensure that users have complete control over every USB port that is connected to their computer. It can be used to secure not only standard USB ports but also external eSATA/RAID drives and BitLocker volumes. Since DEKSI USB Security is intended as a security tool, all the computers that are under its control will be booted to a minimal Linux LiveCD operating system. Once the security settings have been adjusted, the users are required to reboot the computer and re-install the operating system to complete the process.The program features include:
Personalized, advanced and custom security settings
A vast variety of device types, including external USB and eSATA hard drives and BitLocker Volumes can be found in the privacy settings. Furthermore, DEKSI USB Security can make connections only to the clients that are specified by the user; not even Windows server edition is left unnoticed. Users are also free to edit the passwords and change the policies on a client by client basis; that way they can create their own set of rules and wipe out the history of previously set permissions. Although the administrator can log in to the Settings Manager to find out more about the clients that have been customized, that information cannot be saved in a report file and cannot be retrieved through a web browser.
Creation of custom lists of computer names that have already been protected from intrusions
The same list-based format that is used by other well-known USB security programs is supported by DEKSI USB Security. Users can create custom lists of computer names that have already been secured or at least have applied a protective veil of rules, so they can easily be back-upstored and restored later on.
System reboot to apply new settings
Although DEKSI USB Security features a built-in console that can be used to control the settings of the target systems, the computers that are under its control have to be rebooted to be able to apply the new settings.
Reporting and Logging
DEKSI USB Security is more advanced than most of the USB security programs out there. The reports that are generated and saved by DEKSI USB Security can be downloaded and exported in the form of RPT files. The users can view the reports directly inside the application and export

What’s New In DEKSI USB Security?

The DEKSI USB Security application has been developed to have a strong emphasis on the protection of local network environment against malicious attacks, including the vulnerable USB ports that are usually open for everyone. This program combines several great features to allow you to easily protect remote system, including portable devices including printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.
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