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Name Death Tales
Publisher aliell
Format File
Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 4254 votes )
Update (13 days ago)



Tons of fun for a timeless old-school web browser gaming experience! Play as your choice of dolphin or porpoise and be sure to check out all the different levels, bonuses, and extra modes of gameplay. Bonuses can be earned to help you progress faster! Play the best web browser game around, and have fun!
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Dolphin Up 1.9.2


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Dolphin Up

Dolphin Up v1.9.2Requirements: Android 2.1 and upOverview: Dolphin Up is a very addictive, easy, fun, colorful, funny game for adults and kids. Play as your favorite game dolphin or porpoise in this great free game for your Android device. Dolphin Up is the first and only dolphin game to ever combine colored dots, a sliding board, and bonus squares to an unforgettable web browser game.

This game is perfect for all ages. Start by creating your own game board. Practice with your porpoise or dolphin to learn the different characteristics of the game. You can then challenge your friends, family and the world to see who is the best dolphin!

Game Features:

Both dolphins and porpoises are fast but slightly different. The colors in the dots are randomly selected, which makes this game and more enjoyable for both young and old.

There are also different bonus squares, points and levels available.

Kids, especially, will enjoy the different modes available.

Change the backgrounds, change the colors, and improve the game every day.

The bonus squares and points are added to your score.

With this, the number of points you earn depends on how fast you swim!

Swim fast to earn the most points, but don’t forget to score well in each bonus square to unlock the rare bonuses.

As the game progresses, keep playing with your friends and your progress will continue to improve.

Play as a kitty when you are feeling down and want to get back to playing the best dolphin game.

Don’t forget to show off your skills by uploading your result to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

People from all around the world can interact in the games, so let’s enjoy the game together.

Tons of fun for a timeless old-school web browser gaming experience! Play as your choice of dolphin or porpoise and be sure to check out all the different levels


Death Tales Features Key:

  • Artwork – all artwork has been created by the game’s artist. Find out more about her website
  • Soundtrack – a mix of popular Indie and Western themes
  • Mucho snippets of dialogue
  • More information on the overall contents of the developer’s game can be found here.

    This release has a WIP status.

    Install instructions

    Install Steam and download the game client from it. After that, run the installer and follow the instructions.

    Things to take note on (for Steam users only, else just follow the instructions):

    • Click the button “Add a game” in the Steam “Library” menu if the game is not listed under the Arcade tab yet.

    • Confirm your account in the “Privacy” section in Steam. Go to your account “manage” page ( and confirm your name and password twice.

    • Click “Steam in-home streaming” (and check your Internet connection, if Steam has been running before) to activate the game with your account and login.

    • Make sure Steam-initiated game updates are fully disabled.

    • Launch Steam. You’ll see Steam appears in the menu bar as a link “Steam in-home streaming”. Double-click it to launch Steam-initiated streaming if it’s available for this game.

    You can find all other details in the documentation.

    Do note that it’s advised to access the game through the website. The in-home streaming client behaves differently if accessed directly from the Steam client.

    Play instructions

    The game has no specific skill-based mechanics, so don’t worry if you don


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    This DLC includes “Walk the Plank”, “Rooftop Rescue” and “The Frigate”.
    Walk the Plank:
    Where did you come from?
    You can not fly?
    Who is that?
    Rooftop Rescue:
    You have to go back to the top floor before leaving.
    You have to let the enemy get close to the top floor.
    The Frigate:
    When you move around, the enemies will follow you.
    You must shoot them off.
    In this game, a lot of enemies are attacking you.
    How to Play:
    The player controls a fighter that shoots enemies from ground.
    Walk and Shoot:
    The player controls the fighter by walking on the ground.
    After that, the player can shoot and walk at the same time.
    The player can shoot down enemies while walking.
    This game was made in a 2D environment.
    The game ends when the player does not shoot any enemies.
    Move – Shoot – Shoot
    DLC Points
    • Walk The Plank – 100
    • Roof To The Rooftop – 40
    • The Frigate – 100
    Movement Modes
    • Walk – Move the player down the screen
    • Hover – Move the player up/down/left/right by pressing the left/right/up/down buttons.
    • Dash – Move quickly down the screen while shooting.
    • Fly – The player can fly and make the player move quickly up/down/left/right by pressing the left/right/up/down buttons.
    • Dodge – Shoot down enemies by moving to the left or right.
    • Shoot – This mode is for shooting enemies.
    • Shoot – (Easy mode) Shoot down the enemies at once.
    • Shoot – (Normal mode) Shoot down the enemies one by one.
    • Shoot – (Special mode) After shooting, you can control your fighter at the right place.
    • Shoot – (Easy mode) Shoot the enemies at once.
    • Shoot – (Normal mode) Shoot the enemies at once.
    • Shoot – (Special mode) After shooting, you can control your fighter at the right place.
    • Dodge – Shoot down enemies by moving to the left or right.
    • Fly – Shoot down enemies by moving quickly on the screen.


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    This is a turn based 3D platformer where you must complete mazes solving puzzles to open new paths and avoid traps. Your main tools are the entities you’ll learn over the game. You’ll be able to move around the levels, jump, run, crouch, climb up walls, and use the entities’ abilities to collect items, solve puzzles and defeat the enemies. By solving the puzzles, you’ll open new paths and build new mazes. However, you are not forced to solve every puzzle – only open the next one. However, you must complete all the mazes.
    Movement and Controls:
    Use WASD to move Lucas and Mouse to control his camera. Mouse can be used to jump in the air. ESC quits the game.

    In this fan game, you’ll be playing the role of Lucas, the final hero of the four entities. He has to save the souls from the other entities. Things are not as they seem. The entities are in-game representations of more entities and all of them are trying to be number one in terms of evolution and knowledge. Of course, things are a little messy… Just follow Lucas.
    Game “Inner Mazes – Souls Guides” Gameplay:
    This is a non-scripted side-scrolling 2D platformer where you must complete mazes solving puzzles to unlock new paths and attack enemies. There are 4 entities and 6 mazes at the current stage of development. The mazes are also sequences of actions that you have to solve puzzles to unlock the path and get to the next maze. Don’t try to beat the level without figuring out the puzzles, it will be too easy.
    Use WASD to move Lucas and ESC quits the game.

    In this project, you’ll be playing the role of a minor character from the previous game. The game is only semi-scripted and you are not allowed to change events. Have fun!
    Game “Inner Mazes – Souls Guides” Gameplay:
    In this game, you’ll be playing the role of a minor character from the previous game. You are not allowed to change the events in this game. Have fun!
    Left: Move Lucas and jump. Right: Jump. Up: Run
    Maze to open
    – River area
    – Underground area
    – Forest area
    – Mountain area

    GamesCom 2011 2012
    At Gamescom 2011, Wicked Chariot went into


    What’s new in Death Tales:

      Cherry Tree High Comedy Club was an American variety show television program that aired on Turner Broadcasting System from October 1, 1990 to June 30, 1992, replacing Mr. Magic. For part of its run, the show was hosted by comedian Bill Hicks. Most of the shows were taped in front of a live audience, although in the early years some of them were taped before an audience of two to five people in Hicks’ garage.

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      The show was created and produced by Hicks, who gained the sponsorship of a bank after his 1989 appearance on a late-night cable show hosted by David Letterman. Hicks, a former journalist and atheist, was somewhat inexperienced in show business and had earned a degree in computer science. In an August 1990 interview with Playboy magazine, Hicks said “I really didn’t believe that this is where I really wanted to be at twenty-five.”

      Hicks named and courted producers and creative staff to work on the show. His friend Leslie Stansfield came on board as the show’s press officer. Hicks advertised for a chief writer by running an advertisement in Backstage magazine, the theatrical performance trade publication; he got 185 responses. His first on-camera duties were administrative: he signed checks, loaded the tapes, and made sure the band was on time. Sometimes the crew stayed in


      Free Death Tales Activation Code

      Timothy and the Mysterious Forest has an “old school” style with some modern-age ideas. A mix of Game Boy graphics (heavily inspired from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening) along with meta-narrative, stealth system and action combat with an high difficulty level.
      The game mixes elements from adventure/exploration games with puzzle and stealth: exploration, reading and keeping a slow pace is the best tactic.
      Three different endings!
      High difficulty level is the base: Timothy is basically defenceless and dies with a single touch from enemies or traps.
      Direct combat and stealth can be mixed.
      Grab & throw: specific items can be grabbed and thrown onto enemies to kill them instantly.
      Intelligent enemies moves using patterns and normally patrol their area.
      Timothy, a common child, wants to save his grandfather from certain death. The old man fell ill and he’s now fighting for his life. Timothy, who loves his grandfather very much, decides to take a risky journey to the infamous Mysterious Forest. Legends speak of a magic mushroom able to cure any disease that grows into the forest. Timothy bravely begins his journey to find the magic mushroom.
      The world is full of ruins, graveyards and tombstones, caves, swamps and weird characters: every place is made to look wild, abandoned and dangerous. Except for Timothy’s grandfather, most characters are often mean or clearly driven by not-so-nice feelings.


      Media support
      A free demo version of the game is available on Bandai Namco’s website, playable on any computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

      Timothy and the Mysterious Forest has a strong relationship with the Nintendo Switch. The game was released on Nintendo’s new platform on November 1, 2019 and within a day had more than 1,000 sales. Within a week it had sold almost 2,000 units in Japan. According to Nintendo, the game sold 21,032 units in its first week in Japan, making it the 13th best-selling game in that country.


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    System Requirements:

    [ Edit ] The best method to determine if your computer can run a game is to compare the minimum system requirements posted by a game’s publisher with your personal system specs. Make a list of all the features that your computer doesn’t have, and try to find a game that can be played on your system.
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    Additional Information

    Name Death Tales
    Publisher aliell
    Format File
    Rating 4.49 / 5 ( 4254 votes )
    Update (13 days ago)


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