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Dalenryder Music Player delivers a basic media player that features the ABC’s necessary to ensure the elementary features common in such a utility. It manages to fulfill the requirements of beginners, but doesn’t sport the abilities that a professional computer user is after.
Despite its ease of use and pleasant appearance, Dalenryder Music Player has a long way until it can satisfy a wider audience. This is because of its rather poor set of features that doesn’t stand a chance against the big sharks in the industry of audio players.
As mentioned before, Dalenryder Music Player sports a refreshing and attractive appearance, with many visual incentives. The playback controls are large and it benefits from a live animation that depicts a set of bars moving along with the song while it’s being played.
Files in MP3 or WAV format can be added, one at a time, into the playlist located in the main window. Controls include Pause, Resume, Back and Next, while another button allows you to save the playlist.
There’s also the possibility to play a file from the web by providing the URL address of the song. In addition, you can configure the Left / Right audio balance to a custom value, while another control allows you to quickly turn the volume up or down.
Unfortunately, the summary of its features ends here. Our tests lasted too little with this one and concluded that it could have done a much better impression.
We would have been happier to see richer support for audio formats, as well as the possibility to add multiple files at once to the playlist. These are basic musts for Dalenryder Music Player to even dear hope for more than anonymity.







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Playlist management is a bit confusing for Dalenryder Music Player. To begin with, there’s no possibility to import a playlist from external sources such as USB drives or the web.
On the other hand, you can add a single song to the playlist, provided you have a list of URLs to files. There’s no possibility to add multiple files at once, and the only drawback that we found is the inability to move already played songs from the playlist to a new destination.
Despite its basic appearance, Dalenryder Music Player is not bad, but we sincerely believe that it would have been better if the developers took advantage of its user-friendly design to at least add a few more useful features.

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Thanks for the feedback, Bert.
No, the problem is that it doesn’t support MP3 or AAC files, not even WAV format.

On the other side, is an extremely good and easy-to-use player.
The biggest challenge of Dalenryder Music Player is its terrible user interface. There are just too many unnecessary buttons, which you can scarcely find the way of using.

So, I think it can’t compete with the more evolved players, such as Winamp (sorry, guys!).
But for any individual user, this is a very easy-to-use utility.

A good player with a bad interface

Posted by fusian on Mar 6, 2008

A good player with a bad interface

A good player without a bad interface. But it depends on what your look for. For a simple player, this one is a good choice.Q:

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Dalenryder Music Player Crack Free

Dalenryder Music Player arrives on test as a simple music player which sports all the necessary features to cater to elementary users. It does not have specific professional features although it can help provide beginner with the basic needs of a media player.
It is rather easy to use and highly graphical, being able to provide a pleasant user interface. However, it lacks in several areas, especially the tools to allow users to take advantage of all possible options of the player.
With Dalenryder Music Player, the control window is rather plain and offers all the essential buttons for playback and other functions. The song can be added to the playlist or the Audio Track can be streamed from a URL address.
Although the playback controls have a large size, it could be even larger for the user’s delight. For example, it is easy to customize the balance of the Left and Right channels, while another control allows you to adjust the volume of the song.
The playback controls remain visible while the song is being played, which is a smart move by the developers and an important feature to help users listen to the music while on the go.
Our tests on this app gave it a solid 2/3 stars and rated it ‘Below Average’ because it lacks in quite a lot of areas. All this could have been avoided if the developers would have made the effort to include the possibilities to add multiple files at once to the play-list, as well as to support audio formats other than MP3.
Dalenryder Music Player is a great first effort, however, it is hardly able to stand up to the competition and is unlikely to succeed.
Download Dalenryder Music Player for free to get a music player with some of the missing features!

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What’s New In?

We really enjoyed the simplicity and the ease of use of Dalenryder Music Player. But we had to keep something important in mind as well. This is a free player, and it was a bit puzzling at the beginning why the author did not put this in the page.
Maybe the author just wanted the bad impression, but in my opinion this is a really basic player without much to boast about. It does the job, but you can do just that with so many other players that are available.
This program is missing features that really make sense and why you would use such a player.
For example: the possibility to add multiple tracks at once to a playlist, or adding of more playlists.
Using it for a long time, we have to admit that it does not seem as a substantial program. So in fact, we would say, that Dalenryder Music Player is a nice program for beginners who do not expect much from the free audio player.
Other programs just like it could easily beat this little player in some times, so we think that this will be a nice candidate for new users.
Even if you have never heard of this Player before, it is a nice and nice program for beginners.
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