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This is the short version of the tool with its usage. For the full tool with options and detailed help see the instructions included in the zip.


The GETCP.bat is a short-cut batchscript which will return the current ANSI codepage number or the OEM codepage number. It starts with chcp command and notepad to check the codepage. It is very simple to use, just browse to the bin directory and call the script. It 99d5d0dfd0

– Tool for sending messages to multiple contacts at once
– Create a scheduled message, set to be sent once, daily, weekly or monthly
– Create multiple instances of scheduled messages and be able to set the exact date and hour of each
– Ability to send a message to a group of contacts, by selecting them from the contact list
– Send preset messages
– Easily compose and send messages to multiple addresses or directly to single contacts
– Save and restore SMS composing">

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