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KeyMACRO is an application that allows you to use any text on your keyboard as a shortcut to launch any program. Simply type a letter or a series of them, and the program that starts with the same letter or letters will be launched.
KeyMACRO works even with those apps that require to be used with the specific app (no, it does not replace them).
The program is quite straightforward. You start it, select the input you want to use and your program is launched as soon as you type the first character of the shortcut.
You can add an unlimited amount of new shortcuts, and you can quickly launch programs with a press of a button. Of course, no matter how many shortcuts you add, you need to have typed in the program name, so they are ready to be launched.
You can even launch several shortcuts at the same time. To do that, you can first add the shortcut, then click the “Add, “Menu” button to assign a new shortcut to the clicked button.
When your desired shortcut is activated, you can immediately type the shortcut text and the program will be launched.
Here is a list of features in KeyMACRO:
1. You can launch any program by simply typing its name, even those requiring to be used with the specific app (no, it does not replace them).
2. You can add as many new shortcuts as you want.
3. You can assign each shortcut a different shortcut key, so that, even if you have several shortcuts, only one will be activated by pressing a certain button.
4. You can even set up several shortcuts to be launched at the same time, and the order in which they are launched is not affected by the order in which they are added.
5. When you type the shortcut, the program is launched immediately.
6. There is an option to launch the program as a background process, so it will not be visible while you have other windows open.
7. The launch command can be customised, which allows you to make the shortcut look and feel the way you want.
8. In the “Settings” window, you can change the shortcut key or the button that the shortcut is assigned to, so that you can set it to launch from a different button.
9. You can disable the shortcut completely, so that it will not launch your program.
10. You can also disable the shortcut to keep it hidden.
11. You can easily switch between the different 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a web extension that you can use to protect your Google Chrome passwords. When users are logged in, the addon will automatically generate a secure and private password, for all the websites they have. Users can simply save this generated password in their web browser, in order to quickly log in later. Additionally, the extension will help keep users safe on the web, by blocking inappropriate ads and banners.
Keymacro is fully automatic, and users simply need to enter the website they want to protect. This feature works perfectly even if the user is not logged in to their Google Account.
If users do want to customize the addon, they can still turn it off, although some of the default settings will not be applied. For instance, if users type in the Password fields, they will automatically be logged in to the browser.
The addon is free to use, but there are a few ads that appear before the login page.
KEYMACRO can be used on both desktop and mobile versions of the Chrome web browser, but it is only available for Google Chrome.
How to use Keymacro:
Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.
Step 2: Click on the “Wrench” icon (Tools menu) in the browser toolbar.
Step 3: Click on the “Extensions” tab.
Step 4: Drag and drop the Keymacro web extension into the browser window.
Step 5: If prompted, select “Always Allow from this website” to always let this website connect to your Google account.
Step 6: When you are done, click the “Extension” tab and you will see the Keymacro web extension.
Save the generated password:
Step 1: Click on the “Password” field on the right side of the browser.
Step 2: Type the website name in the box next to the password field.
Step 3: Type the generated password in the box below.
Turn off Keymacro:
Step 1: Click on the “Extensions” tab.
Step 2: Click on the “Gear” icon (lower right corner).
Step 3: Select “Keymacro” and click on “Turn Off” (or select it if you have it already turned off).
Q: How to turn off Keymacro?
A: Click on the “Extensions” tab.
Step 2: Click on the “Gear” icon (lower right corner).
Step 3: Select “Keymacшєшщщљщ-r-city-don-39-t-you-worry/

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