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There are three types of cards in this game:
Stock card
Real Estate card
Bond card
After you have purchased your first card, you need to buy a second, third, fourth, and fifth card. Along with the increase in cards, the purchase price will be higher. You can also go to the “Cards” menu and obtain cards you want to buy as well as customize them, or create your own cards. Save card data and click “send” to send the data to the server, and receive your reward.
1. You can customize your cards, enter the menu “Create card”.
2. The logo and data of the card are collected.
3. Once entered, “Send” has been made.
4. When the game is activated, your card will be displayed on your own screen.
5. Access settings for each item, for example:
o Access the “Contact” menu for customers by clicking on the “Contact” menu under “Stock Card”
o Returns are available for transactions by “Purchased” in the menu “Bank”.
o Details of the whole price can be viewed in the “Tools” menu.
6. You can draw a chart in the menu “Analyze”.
o In the menu “Themes”.
7. There are achievements for you to collect.
o There are three achievements for you to collect, the first achievement is unlocked when you buy your first card, the second is unlocked when you buy your second card, the third is unlocked when you buy your third card.
8. You can save your cards by clicking “Save”, and send them to friends by click “Send”, and then save the card to the “Data”.
9. You can view the “Card” menu by clicking “Card”.
10. You can access the “In-game” menu by clicking the icon of the desire.
2. To play this game, you need to create your own card, and then you can play the game.
1. Collect the data of the cards you want.
2. Customize the cards you have collected.
3. Using the “Create Card” function, you can collect the data of new card.
4. You can set the


Features Key:

  • Choices to make!
  • Collect the popcorn!
  • Listen to the stories!
  • Explore the rooms!
  • Try some fun games!
  • Customize your room!
  • Find some awesome prizes!
  • Don’t forget about the Popcorn!
  • Collect the Combo by answering the questions!


Copa Petrobras De Marcas For Windows

This game was created by one of the world’s most famous game designers: Ron Gilbert. You can check his credits at Ron Gilbert’s official website:
Ron loves this game: “I’m really proud of the tiny pieces of my old dreams that have come to life in this game”
Enjoy this game!
Full version includes:

-29 different emblems of the 20s
-2 classic minigames: shuffle and skiplist
-All the commercial ads of the old hollywood movies
-Acquire new items: suitcases, cameras, telegrams
-Option to skip avatars with certain emblems
-Lots of funny animal lines
-Lots of psionic transformations. Stay tuned for more information!


-It’s now possible to skip some emblems!
Here are the emblems that are now skipable:
1- The “Hollywood” logo
2- The “Northwest Airlines” emblem (Airline Thompson)
3- The “Playboy” logo (Playboy’s North American Pacific Tour)
4- The “Buffalo Bill” logo (Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show)
5- The “Lone Ranger” logo (The Lone Ranger)
6- The “Vintage Bumblebee” badge (vintage bumblebees)
7- The “Love in the Time of Cholera” logo (Giovanni’s Room)
8- The “Norman Normal” emblem (Norman Normal)
9- The “Penny Arcade” emblem (Penny Arcade Comic Books)
10- The “Billy the Kid” emblem (Billy the Kid)
11- The “Video Girl Ai” logo (Ai)
12- The “The Lion King” emblem (The Lion King)
13- The “Vlad the Impaler” emblem (Vlad the Impaler)
14- The “Clint Eastwood” emblem (Gran Torino)
15- The “Cyrano de Bergerac” emblem (Cyrano de Bergerac)
16- The “Vampire” emblem (Nosferatu)
17- The “Beavis & Butthead�


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What’s new in Copa Petrobras De Marcas:

went on sale in Japan five days ago on day and I have absolutely no idea how to do it. *cry* I can’t hardly read the small print on this thing. It says FINAL FANTASY 20TH ANNIVERSARY. I wonder if they mean the first, or the second one. I’m kinda nervous, bc I don’t know where to buy it. :3 I have the soft copy that’s available at Square, but that’s all Japanese…lame.

I hadn’t planned on buying the soundtrack when it came out, but I usually listen to these things on my iPod anyway. I’m finding there are some really good tracks in there. I was on my way to my Internet cafe, and stopped by a record store, so I got it there since they didn’t have it in stock, and they said it’s the only game it comes with.

On another note, I’m trying to make a final fantasy 20th anniversary figure and get someone to play together so I can learn how. I was thinking for a growing figure, I would use a face from q in XIV and an w-3 for the heavy armor- type thing, or if I get the “future” face, I’d save the first face for the normal version and use a silver face for the 2-CD.

Have any of y’all paid the price for the soundtrack yet? Is it worth it? Will I regret not getting it this time? I’m probably gonna wuss out and get the Daemon X Machina/Song Cry CD instead. (Which has 30 songs in it)

I was going to get it but I got it last year and it’s pretty crappy. It’s basically an instrumental version of the game with the music chopped up, rearranged, and individual parts taken out. None of the vocals are intact, it’s all over the place. It just doesn’t do the game justice so personally I’d avoid that one if you already own the game and get the HD remaster instead. It’s not worth the money or the pain in the butt that you’ll have to go to get ripped off.

Not to mention, the added 15 minutes of extra tracks makes it twice as long. I think some people might have given it the benefit of the doubt once or twice, but really, it’s just a rip-off.



XBL/PSN: evilbadman91

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

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