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I am excited that you’ve decided to explore what I, Ryan Butler CEO of Cool Breeze Beverages, can do for you and your business today! I started this company back in 2002, as Cool Breeze has come a long way since then, and I’m grateful for every moment! No longer operating out of a dorm room, Cool Breeze Beverages has been elevated well beyond our humble beginnings, and into a world of manufacturing, distributing, as well as supplying our elite blends of frozen drink machine mixes! With big name clients, NFL teams, celebrity endorsements, national restaurant chains, in addition to our usual hotel and beach bars statewide, we are always aiming to be innovative, and the overall front-runners in the beverage industry. This has allowed us to set ourselves apart well beyond any competition in the marketplace, focusing on our in-house proprietary frozen drinks and custom tailoring it to each and everyone of of our clients worldwide. With working with clients like Patron all the way to your national hotel chain such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, I have obtained a vast knowledge of what works in different industries, what doesn't work, seasonal trends, and much I've decided to start allowing myself to spread those lessons through consulting directly with me, one-on-one! If you're interested in any of the following consulting modules with me directly, click the link below to schedule with me today:

-Frozen Drink Recipes
-Custom Made Flavors
-Private Labeling
-Additions To Your Beverage Menu
-New Concepts and Drinks
-Beverage Distribution
-Online Beverage Sales
-Distributorships Anywhere In The World
-Alcohol and Supplemental Ingredient Connections
-& Much More!