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If your computer is connected to the Internet by default, you might have heard about DNS and its importance in keeping your connection healthy and speedy.
However, sometimes, you might experience some inconveniences such as limited connections or low speeds. In this case, you can rely on third-party software solutions such as Clean_DNS.
No installation needed
Since this app is portable, you don't need to install it on your computer, as simply launching the executable grants you full access to its functions.
You can also run it from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs.
Scans and fixes your DNS cache
Clean_DNS, as its name suggests, can help you scan your DNS cache from faulty entries and also clear them for you at the press of a button. At the end of the process it also generates reports for you, depending on which course of action you prefer.
In order to access its functions, you simply need to press the "Control" button if you want to perform a scan or the "Repair" button if you want to fix faulty entries.
Simplistic interface
This app's interface is simple enough that it can be used even by computer novices, regardless of their PC skills or their previous experience with similar software.
The layout consists of a bunch of buttons designed to help you perform DNS checks and repairs faulty entries, as well as a progress indicator, so that you know how much of the operation has been completed.
Simple DNS checking and repairing tool
All in all, if you need a simple tool that can help you check and repair your DNS cache, you might opt for Clean_DNS, as it has all the features you need, packs a simple interface and provides you with detailed reports at the end of each process.


Download >>>

Download >>>






Clean_DNS Crack + For PC

Simple DNS checking and repairing tool that helps you check and fix DNS cache.



Simple DNS checking and repairing tool that helps you check and fix DNS cache.



No need to download, installation or run any unwanted software.
Simply launch the application from your USB drive and start using this software tool.



No need to download, installation or run any unwanted software.
Simply launch the application from your USB drive and start using this software tool.



There’s no need to download or install any software.
Simply launch the application from your USB drive and start using this software tool.



There’s no need to download or install any unwanted software.
Simply launch the application from your USB drive and start using this software tool.



There’s no need to download or install any unwanted software.
Simply launch the application from your USB drive and start using this software tool.



Wonderful app


By Good idea

Awesome app for cleaning DNS cache. Makes it really easy to use.

Bogus error reporting


By JoeyVanegas

This app’s error reporting is bs.

App needs to be updated


By Michelles

App needs to be updated I have an update of windows 10 and the app says windows needs to be updated,but when I do it says it does not support windows 10. I tried to find out about this problem but did not find anything about this on the internet. I hope you can fix this issue. Thank you very much.



By moartrackerj

The app does not actually check if your dns is faulty.



By deadno

It says “connecting to the internet” but doesn’t actually connect to anything. I restart my router and it does it again.

Fixing DNS!


By The Great

I use this program for fixing my dns. It’s very useful.

Can’t download


By TheGreat

It says downloading

Clean_DNS Crack [Win/Mac]

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Clean_DNS X64

Clean_DNS is an easy-to-use DNS cache cleaning tool that lets you scan your DNS cache and clean it for you.
Scan the entire DNS cache for faulty or missing entries. This check helps you identify if there are entries that contain wrong, outdated or missing information.
Fix all faulty entries. This operation tries to replace faulty entries with the correct ones.
Generate a detailed report for you. The report gives you a summary of all the DNS checking operations performed and lists all the faulty entries along with the corresponding information and a reason for their existence.
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