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TicketDesk is the ultimate ticket management and ticket tracking system which automates the daily activities of your IT department.
TicketDesk automatically monitors all tickets generated by your end users and notifies you by email when something is written in the ticket field.
You can use TicketDesk for many different purposes:
• Create a database of technical issues by recording ticket history.
• Follow the progress of a given ticket.
• Automatically reply to requests with detailed explanations.
• Automatically assign the ticket to a certain user.
• Analyze the overall performance of your team.
• Automatically notify and automate the progress of a certain ticket.
• Send automatic reminders to your customers and also set up notifications for the new tickets.
• Automatically send out reminders to end users.
• Send e-mails when a ticket is assigned to a particular user.
• Help you to effectively use the issue tracking system.
• Use the issue tracking system for a company-wide problem management.
• Automatically notify you about important changes in your users, groups, issues or tickets.
• Keep a record of information for access control.
• Automatically assign a ticket to a different user.
• Use TicketDesk as a stand-alone Microsoft SQL Server management tool.
• Perform SQL server maintenance and configure SQL Server editions.
• Use TicketDesk as a standalone SQL Server database.
• Use TicketDesk to manually create a database.
• Use TicketDesk for a case management system.
• Use TicketDesk as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.
• Use TicketDesk as a sales-order management tool.
• Use TicketDesk for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
• Use TicketDesk for an office communication system.
• Use TicketDesk as an Internet software update manager.
• Use TicketDesk as an issue tracking system.
• Use TicketDesk as a technical support system.
• Use TicketDesk as a service desk system.
• Use TicketDesk as an email system.
• Use TicketDesk for an event management system.
• Use TicketDesk as a permission management system.
• Use TicketDesk for an asset management system.
• Use TicketDesk as a ticket printing system.
• Use TicketDesk for ticketing applications (EZBuy, for example).
• Use TicketDesk as a quote management system.
• Use TicketDesk for an archiving system.
• Use TicketDesk as 0cd6e936a3


“Budget Forecaster” is a personal finance management system designed for free-of-charge home budgeting and planning.
Budget Forecaster is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Budget Forecaster includes a host of useful tools for budget management such as cash flow management, income and spending analysis, asset allocation, debt payment plan management, retirement planning, and insurance and bank account management.
Budget Forecaster gives you total control over your personal finances. You can easily set up and modify your personal and family budgets and plan your monthly budget according to your requirements.
Budget Forecaster is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. It will make your personal finances management and budgeting effortless, which will help you gain more control and autonomy over your personal finance.
Budget Forecaster comes with integrated Income and Spending reports as well as customized and detailed customized reports.
Budget Forecaster has a set of features that is not found in any other personal finance management software. These are listed below.
Budget Forecaster is a very simple to use financial management system with a feature-rich interface. It is priced at a very low cost of $29.95.
Budget Forecaster offers a free demo of the software.
The demo is used for 30 days and does not require registration.
To download the demo, click on the following link:
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Contact Us:
Checkout our website at:

QuickBooks TurboTax gives you the tools you need to prepare federal and state tax returns. Get up to speed on U.S. and state income taxes and ensure you have the right information to file taxes quickly and accurately. Find out how TurboTax can help you organize and automate your income tax return filing.
Intuit QuickBooks TurboTax may be used for both federal and state income tax returns. Use TurboTax to easily prepare and file, or to prepare, print, e-file, or both, a federal or


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