Ces Edupack 2013 In Torrents

Ces Edupack 2013 In Torrents


Ces Edupack 2013 In Torrents

granta edupack is also available as a downloadable version, for use with any web browser. the edupack introductory version can be accessed through the granta edupack home page, and is designed to be used by any instructor who wants to preview granta edupack functionality before purchasing a license.

granta edupack is a fully searchable online database for providing quick, easy access to detailed information and materials for use in teaching and learning. granta edupack includes the data needed to run granta’s grantaedge, granta’s granta edge tools and granta’s medasys applications, as well as data for the new granta edupack application. additionally, it contains a comprehensive glossary for all materials and processes, and a comprehensive textbook editor, all of which can be used to enhance teaching and learning. granta edupack is available in three levels of functionality.

it includes “current” data for all granta edge tools and the granta medasys applications. you will also find all materials for granta’s granta medasys application. this includes materials for the new granta edupack application. granta edupack is being used by instructors in a variety of disciplines including: computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics, and psychology. we also are hearing that it is being used in the social sciences.

in addition to the data for the granta edge tools and the granta medasys applications, granta edupack includes a glossary of materials and processes used in granta’s granta medasys application and an editor for textbook materials to enhance teaching and learning.

the database includes: a database of materials, which is searchable by subject area, topic, product or film format. a list of materials available for purchase from the retail shop with price, selling price and supplier information. calendar information for all materials available for purchase. a unique companion website, www.granta.com/edupack/index.html , for teachers to order materials and for students to get support and find information. a database of process information, such as the revision history of a process, what changes were made to the process, changes made to the materials and how the change was tested. a searchable index of revisions to the process. the index is searchable by process, topic, product, supplier or film format. a list of key words that are searchable in the database and/or the index.
at all levels, granta edupack provides students with a comprehensive database of materials and process information that is always kept up to date. in addition, self-study resources are available to stretch stronger students and to help others catch up, providing a flexible tool for every educator to utilize.
also included is a database of approximately 7,000 process information journals that are available to purchase from the retail shop and which provide training and development for your learning and teaching.
the unique companion website is designed to provide support to teachers for materials and process information, to help students find materials and build their skills, and to help students independently carry out materials review and planning activities.


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