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CD-ROM Door-Keeper Torrent

A small utility with simple and clean features
Just a few mouse clicks to open or close a CD-ROM door
The feature tool runs without further help
A simple and clean interface
How to uninstall CD-ROM Door-Keeper?

Run as administrator
The application will remain in the system tray, so you can easily access it from any computer
Right-click on its icon and click Uninstall
This program will appear on the Windows Start menu

How to uninstall CD-ROM Door-Keeper?

Uninstall the program using Control Panel
Go to Control Panel then click Uninstall a program

Remove CD-ROM Door-Keeper from your computer

Go to Add or Remove Programs in the Window of Control Panel

Select CD-ROM Door-Keeper and click Uninstall

CD-ROM Door-Keeper main window

Technical features and system requirements

File name: cdrom_doorkeeper.exe

Size: 9.8 MB

Version: 1.05

Mac OS version: 9.3

Windows version: 3

System requirements:

Windows 7

Windows 8/8.1

Language: English

DVD compatibility: DVD+/-R

CD compatibility: CD-ROM

How to install CD-ROM Door-Keeper?

Download CD-ROM Door-Keeper installer

Double-click the downloaded file to run the installer

Accept the terms and then click Next to install the software

A setup wizard will appear

Click Finish to start the CD-ROM Door-Keeper installation

CD-ROM Door-Keeper installer

Technical features

CD-ROM Door-Keeper offers the following main features:

Cd-rom door opener

Allows you to open or close the CD-ROM door

Color code system tray icon

You can choose from two colors, Green and Blue

Note: The installer, the setup file, and the uninstaller are all in the same folder as the application executable

Easy access to main settings and parameters

Main Settings

The initial settings of the program are conveniently located in the main window. You may just need to click the button in the lower right corner of the main window to toggle its state. From there, you will be able to adjust the following features:

List of drives

The default window displays the CD-ROM door

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CD-ROM Door-Keeper Activation Download

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What’s New In?





File Size

6.95 MB




Soft2Rabbit Software





It is a reliable utility that is free of charge. It is simple and intuitive to use.

It is only available for Windows.

It is a little bit heavy.

It does not provide a help manual.

It may consume a lot of system resources when running.

It works with only CD-ROM doors.

It is only compatible with Windows.


CD-ROM Door-Keeper is a small software application whose purpose is to help you open or close the CD-ROM door with the aid of straightforward actions. Clean and simple looks After a quick installation process where you only need to follow the preset steps in order to complete the process, you are welcomed by an intuitive interface. The tool reveals a well-structured suite of features so you can quickly make the most out of its options. A help manual is not included in the package. However, you can tweak the dedicated parameters without further assistance. The main panel looks quite minimalist so it does not occupy a lot of space on the screen. Plus, you may move it to the desired desktop position. Open or close a CD-ROM door CD-ROM Door-Keeper gives you the possibility to simply press on the dedicated buttons in order to open or close the CD-ROM door. Basically, it simplifies the entire process to a just a few mouse clicks. Plus, you are allowed to quickly hide the program in the system tray. What’s more, you can keep the utility running in the background and control it from the system tray. A right-click on its tray icon helps you open or close the CD-ROM door, show the main panel, and close the program. Tests have pointed out that CD-ROM Door-Keeper carries out tasks quickly and without errors. It is friendly with system resources so you may keep it opened in the background without having to worry that it hampers the overall performance of the computer.

Soft2Rabbit Software is a small software developer that is based in the United States. Founded by Alex Chen and Peter Chen, the company holds two licenses to operate in the US and Canada. It is currently using the TSG.COM website to promote its products.

To date, Soft2Rabbit Software has released only one package, which is the CD-ROM Door-Keeper. Overall, the software is compatible with the major Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2016. It can be easily installed via a wizard.


The software is not very simple to install.

It is not

System Requirements:

-Windows 7 SP1-Windows 8.1-Windows 10
1) Download and Install the CD-Key Generator utility by using the installer file.
2) Run the CD-Key Generator. Click “Generate” button.
3) Click “Import” button.
4) Enter “PAT” from above.
5) Click “Generate” button.
6) Run the game. Enjoy!
Our website also contains a walkthrough for the game. You can find it here:

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