Carel 1tool 2.6.46 2.6.57 SP1 ~UPD~

Carel 1tool 2.6.46 2.6.57 SP1 ~UPD~

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Carel 1tool 2.6.46 2.6.57 SP1

the new pco5+ hs can be directly connected to a computer, allowing for the transfer of data to the server using a usb cable. this data is then sent directly to the carel iot portal, where the user can create a remote monitoring application. carel’s iot platform already provides the link between hardware (hvac/r system) and software (carel pco program). the platform also provides access to the carel carehub application for remote monitoring, allowing the user to access a number of services remotely. these services include a service that shows the last 3 months of the user’s maintenance schedules and their performance.

the carel pco5+ hs has a high speed mode that has been optimised for controlling thermal expansion valves and compressors. users are now able to process data at speed of up to 8 million readings per second.

the latest edition of the carel 1tool is designed to provide universal support for the most advanced commercial requirements, and the full range of optional features, such as visualisation for the creation of the hvac/l, and a powerful query editor for the modelling of the software. thanks to the advanced modelling and querying tools, the developer can easily develop applications that combine the optimal levels of comfort and energy efficiency, to enable us to continue to grow in the market.

the carel 1tool 2.6.46 2.57 sp1 edition includes the new hvac/l 2.0 user interface, which has been fully redesigned to improve the experience of the product’s users, from the modelling of the software to its advanced development and testing. the user interface also includes a new design that makes it possible to use the carel library of functional blocks with graphical tools such as the block editor, which allows users to test and develop the program without having to use the command line, and a new data modelling module for hvac/l.

A large variety of features: Interfaces for all user types: standard, ESP32 and IoT; Development language: C/C++; Library functions for learning and development; The programmable logic controller can be used as a standalone solution or can be connected to embedded systems and sensors; A wide number of controllers; A large number of models and options; Integrated application manager; Compatibility with the application manager; A lot of development environments for powerful and versatile prototyping; Design tool for creating and simulating custom solutions for HVAC/R; Fully compatible with the entire CAREL product range; Code libraries of typical applications for the automotive industry and building control; Redesign of the API to be as versatile as possible; A standard library of drivers and hardware blocks; Automatic handling of peripherals.
Programmable controllers are a control family from CAREL. They use the same functional blocks and have various interfaces, which make the CAREL family pCO a best-in-class solution for applications such as electronics and HVAC/R systems.
CAREL. 1tool is an open, scalable and compatible family of programmable logic controllers based on centralized control logic. The family of programmable controllers is equipped with a standardized base that supports all the typical remote I/O types and programmable solutions, which can be further customized through configuration modules and the integral editor, pCOManager.

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