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how to solve mysql query taking a long time to execute

I have a query which takes a long time to execute.
select distinct(url_id) from table_url order by url_id asc limit 100000;

I am getting around 100k rows. Now I am afraid that it is too much for mysql. So I want to reduce the number of rows. How can I do that?


This is probably the most efficient way to select 100,000 unique urls.
SELECT url_id FROM table_url
GROUP BY url_id
HAVING COUNT(*) -441 and -476.
-3*w**2 – 442
Collect the terms in -225*w**2 – 221*w**2 + 669*w**2 – 216*w**2.
Collect the terms in -5*j – 75 + 2*j – 8*j + 4*j.
-7*j – 75
Collect the terms in -216*i**2 + 5*i**3 – 224*i**2 + 440*i**2.
Collect the terms in -14*r**3 + 6*r**3 + 12*r**3 – r**3 + 0*r**3.
Collect the terms in -25*s**2 + 19*s**2 + 28*s**2 + 2.

Caesium 0.2.0 Crack+

The iExplore file manager is a freeware application that is simple and easy-to-use. With this file manager, you can organize the files on your computer and easily backup all of them.
The app is very easy to use because it comes with a clean and intuitive interface. Most of the functions of the program can be accessed through the main interface. However, if you need to perform more complex operations, you can always switch to the file manager tab and get access to advanced options.
The program comes with a clean and intuitive interface.
The main interface includes the file list, the options, the file properties and various buttons.
File Explorer supports batch processing, but you can also do it manually. To add a file or folder to the list, simply drag it to the app.
Also, you can access the hidden system files through the file manager.
The properties window contains some useful features, such as the file size, time and date, disk space, and more.
You can use the help tab to open manuals, web sites and other useful resources.
The file manager comes with a built-in FTP client that enables you to upload and download files from the Internet, and you can even do it anonymously.
Caution: Internet Explorer
Some users may experience problems with the program’s Internet Explorer plug-in. The solution is to uninstall the plug-in completely and then reinstall it.
ZIPBOSS Description:
The Zipboss application is an easy-to-use and simple solution that enables you to create, manage and share your ZIP archives. With this app, you can create, read and modify your archive files.
The software comes with an easy-to-use interface that should be a breeze to understand even by novices. All the functions are well organized and placed on the main menu, where they can be accessed quickly.
You can access all the archive properties right through the app’s main interface. The program comes with a plethora of features, such as decompression, editing and viewing properties.
The interface includes a few useful buttons, and you can access the options through the file properties window.
There are also a few options to help you find the files that you’re looking for, and you can use the search function to look for specific files or folders in your archive.
In order to add files or folders to the archive, simply drag them to the app’s main interface.
The app can

Caesium 0.2.0 Download [March-2022]

Caesium is an extremely powerful tool for compressing images. The program comes with a simple interface that should be easy to understand even for novices. The main frame incorporates all the important buttons, the file list, the compression options and side-by-side windows for comparing your “before” and “after” files.
The software supports batch processing, which means multiple files can be compressed at the same time. In order to select the quality settings, you must pull on a slider. Higher values result in less pixelized photos, but also, higher file sizes.
The quality setting can be adjusted for each individual photo, or they can be applied in bulk, to all the images. Also, the output folder can be defined, while a suffix can be added to the new files before saving. A default directory can be appointed from the program’s settings.
Additionally, the software can delete the original files from your disk or skip the entire process if the output file’s size is greater than the original.
You can add individual files or entire folders to the list. Removing them from the queue can be done easily, but the app also enables you to delete the image from the disk drive at the same time.
The software supports three output file formats: JPG, BMP and PNG.
All in all, Caesium is a nice tool that compresses your pictures while maintaining most of the quality. The app is easy to work with and inexperienced users shouldn’t have any difficulties.


Slim DiskA compact disk burner for your photos

100Kb: 23.08.2017, 06:40 Uhr

Slim Disk is a compact disk burner for your photos that can create CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray discs with a surprising amount of customisation. The app is a breeze to use, but is hampered by an overly simplistic user interface.
In order to add a photo to a disc, all you have to do is drag and drop it into the main frame. The app supports batch processing, which means that you can add a large number of files at once.
Additionally, you can decide which folders will appear on the CDs. You can also choose what type of data to add: picture files, video or music.
All the settings can be adjusted through the main frame. The output folders can be defined, while a preview pane will be displayed, displaying the final product.
Although it’s

What’s New in the?

“Caesium is a simple and easy-to-use tool for compressing your photos. Caesium can be used to compress images in your personal or business archives and create smaller files with a reduced file size.”
What is new in this version:
– small optimization fixes.
– the link with the “thumbs” service has been removed
How do I install this update:
– open the folder “main.exe”
– change the file “Update.exe” to “”
You can download Caesium 3.0 right now via the link below. (35.1 MB) and one of the most controversial issues to arise in the war of ideas: the debate over the need for censorship.

Students in an assignment about fake news must pick a side to present to the class, and some students have used both false and factual news to support their case.

“The school has really tried to walk a fine line between maintaining a safe environment, while also encouraging open discourse,” says McKenna. “The school has actually been supportive in this — we were able to see through the class together and go through the process together.”

University presidents must lead

The current state of higher education isn’t without fault: According to a recent survey, only about 50% of universities are doing enough to make their campuses safe. But educators have offered some reasonable suggestions.

“A lot of the discussion has been about the following or stepping up,” says McKenna, who points to examples such as President Trump’s May visit to the US Coast Guard Academy, where he said, “You’re not going to be able to solve the whole problem on your own.”

At the University of Minnesota, president Eric Kaler has been forceful on campus security. He’s made an effort to hire more police officers and conduct more frequent crime sweeps. He’s increased funding for student life safety officers and anti-harassment teams, and he’s pledged to allocate more money for gun buybacks. But Kaler still feels the need to explain to potential donors why a big increase in spending is needed.

“Some institutions have talked about the importance of having more police,” Kaler says. “But what they’ve struggled with is how to describe what we’re trying to do and how much we need to spend in order to be doing the things that we’re trying to do.”

With the inauguration of the Trump administration and the emergence of an emboldened gun culture, these concerns seem more timely than ever. A University of Minnesota survey showed that close to 80% of the students there felt threatened by their peers at some point in the past year.

Such a feeling is a natural

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium III or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB RAM (300 MB or more recommended)
Display: VGA compatible graphics card with minimum 1024×768 resolution
Disk Space: 4 GB (8 GB or more recommended)
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i3 or equivalent

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