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BUNN Ultra-2: The Must Have for Your Frozen Drinks

We’ve been a BUNN partner for years now, stand by their high-quality designs, and recommend their machinery to all of our business and consumer client bases. Their design has been upgraded and revolutionized in their latest model: the BUNN Ultra-2. This new dual bowl revolver system eliminates the amount of air that accidently gets mixed inside of slush, when dealing with traditional machines currently out on the market. For example, when you’re dealing with high quality frozen mixes such as ours, the real fruit puree can create air pockets that cause it to freeze unevenly or prolong the process all together. With custom controls programmed into a touch-pad display, you can set each bowl to freeze or chill at different temperatures, enabling you to create two different beverages at once. To top it all off, this frozen drink machine has been engineered and upgraded to freeze even faster than the BUNN Ultra-1 and is said to freeze an entire bowl in just under an hour. Contact us today to learn how we can help you obtain a BUNN Ultra-2, as we have financing options available as well!