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Binaural Brainwave Stimulator is a Professional Medical Brainwave Tuning software for those who work in medical field.
The program uses adjustable freq, base frequency, modulation, duration, programmable color strobe, 4 wave forms, Freq Ramps, audio to visual pulse ratio adjust and programmable freq and color sets, plus 24 programmable freq. buttons. While being setup for use by laymen as well offering ease of use in the self programmed mode.
Using tone generation for binaural brainwave synchronization, using the latest directX sound system oscillators, has 20 brainwave frequencies bands with a 2X and .5X function plus manual entry frequencies for a unlimited frequency spectrum for brain wave driving from delta to gamma, (1 to well over 400HZ). Adjustable base frequency (10HZ to 5000HZ), phase modulation 0% to 50% channel reversible, masking noise, Mixer controls, preset and programmable frequency controls. Also has a programmable color strobe (Stim / Background) stimulation section frequency driven with 4 independent different color pairs and sound to light ratio adjudtment with 1/2 of full screen usaage.
A new just released upgraded version now has 24 programmable frequency buttons to store your favorite frequencies and comes pretuned to four of the major Schumann’s resonance frequencies to enhance amplification of the naturally occurring peak frequencies of the brain. By using base frequencies that are an even 10X the frequency of the Schumann’s resonance, further enhancement of driving efficiency is attained.(see Below)
As of Ver 2.2 (this one is ver 4.0) all functions are now available from the pulldown menus as well, (Well over 110), added better durational display information, more percise timer controls, and better color choice information.
■ DirectX







BrainStimPro Binaural Generator Keygen Download

Use this professional brainwave activation program for medical applications.
Using the new advanced directX sound engine, with a unique emphasis on a high fidelity brainwave synchronization method and easy to use layout, you can produce brainwave entrainment audio for a multitude of individual and multiple application by using powerful customizable settings that simulate moving along a frequency spectrum of one of Schumann’s 18 resonance points.
Additionally, the manually adjusted base frequency ranges from 10Hz to 5000Hz, allowing you to target any frequency range you desire. This allows for a more extensive variety of tones available to be entered.
■ 500KHz Audio Import/Export (UNGZ)
■ 128Mb RAM or larger.
■ DirectX 9 compatible.
■ Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
■ Download Binaural Generator and Binaural Generator 2 0 (NEW) HERE.
Download Binaural BrainStim Pro (NEW) and here
Download BinauralBrainStimPro 2.0 (NEW) and here
■ Copy/Move BinauralBrainStimPro to your personal music library
■ Clean your hard drive or remove old versions and programs
■ Established for use in: Medical Applications (By Med-Pacs, Gyms, Doctors, ETC)
BinauralBrainStimPro only works with standard CD or DVD audio discs.
BinauralBrainStimPro 2.0 is for CD or DVD audio discs only.
If you have a digitized version of a CD or DVD such as a MP3 file, you must convert this file to standard CD or DVD audio disc.
Saving of this program from laptop hard drive is a program vulnerability.
The downloaded file will be saved to the folder of your last installed location in your laptop hard drive.
Use the uninstaller utility if you want to remove the program.
■ On Windows 7, Vista, or XP, the program installer will generate a registry file in your C:\ drive. To access this folder, double-click on My Computer, and then select the drive letter (H) on the left.
Open a Command Prompt window, and type regedit, and press Enter.
Browse to this folder, and delete the contents.
Please install the program on a USB drive using the program installer

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator For PC

BrainStimPro is one of the leading software brands in the EEG headset industry, sold in a variety of types including Software, Audio, and both Software and Stereo Headphone systems. BrainStimPro systems include the brainwave controlled headset and the binaural BrainStimPro Binaural Brainwave Stimulator.
Package contents:
1. Binaural Brainwave Stimulator
2. 1 x USB Cable
3. 1 x 2 Button Power Switch with AC Adapter Kit
4. 10 x Numeric Keypad
5. 1 x 1/4 ” 20kHz Touchy Switch
6. 1 x 12V/- 5V Power Adapter
1. Installation:
The product comes with a CD with a 3 languages install tool and it is ready to run.
2. Operation:
During operation, you are seated and in complete contact with the headset. Each headphone can be adjusted to the optimum level and sensitivity by dialing in the desired electronic amplification. The software also suggests appropriate frequencies for both the left and right ear to further enhance your experience.
For use with headphones, the desired brainwave frequencies are selected and the headset is turned on. Then you go about your business, but the frequencies will continue to alternate between the two ears.
The presentation changes when you are in a relaxed or meditative state. The frequencies will remain constantly changing through your brain wave patterns from delta through theta and up to gamma. These frequencies are often referred to as brainwaves and are produced by the brain itself.
The next time you relax, the new brainwave frequency will be selected for you and will run continuously for a particular time. The headphone functions including power, volume control, remote control for the unit, and sending a signal to your computer will remain inoperable.
If you wish to manually stop the system, simply press the power button to stop the current brainwave cycle and the cycle will stop when the last brainwave is completed. Again, the frequencies will alternate back and forth with no presentation in the headphones. It is quite relaxing and a valuable tool for those who are concerned with training and concentration. The brainwave stimulation also has benefit for those in the medical field as a vital therapeutic tool.
3. Features and Benefits:
In the past, brainwave programmers were used with EEG machines to measure the brainwave activity. These machines were heavy and bulky, and were usually large units that were not portable. BrainStimPro binaural Brainwave Stimulators provide brainwave stimulation

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator Crack+ Download

1) Product Designer: 2 years of experience (or students will be given a free copy of the software)
■ DirectX
BrainStimPro Binaural Generator
1.1) Product designer: 2 years of experience (or students will be given a free copy of the software)
2) Unity3D Developer: 2 years of experience, (or students will be given a free copy of the software)
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What’s New In?

Download and install the latest version of BrainStimPro

Step 2. Enter the file name which you’ve downloaded the brainwave tuning software.exe. In my case I named it “BrainStimPro”

Step 3. Click on the “Open” button, and then click on the “Import” button in the left part.

Step 4. The application will read the brainwave tuning software.exe. And then display the files that in the folder has been imported.

Step 5. Choose the file that you would like to save.

Step 6. Please wait for the confirmation and then click on the “OK” button.

Binaural Brainwave Tuning Activated by BrainStim Pro is an upgrade to Binaural Brainwave Stimulator V2.0 was released on April 2014. Now brainStim Pro is now updating. 1. Free Download and update.

Click on logo for more information and upgrade information. Thank you for using our products.

All files are uploaded by users like you, we can not guarantee that BrainStim Pro (1.0) Latest Updated Full Version (Size 11.38 MB) are up to date.
We are not responsible for any broken website which is not on our list of programs. If you have found a website which is not up to date, then please report it.

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Binaural Brainwave Tuning Activated by BrainStim Pro is an upgrade to Binaural Brainwave Stimulator V2.0 was released on April 2014. Now brainStim Pro is now updating. 1. Free Download and update.

BrainStim Pro is a professional medical brainwave tuning program, which is very useful for doctors, nurses, teachers, and other medical staff. It is an advanced brainwave tuning program which uses binaural technology to eliminate the need to sit in a soundproof room with headphones plugged into your ears. Instead, you can tune your brainwaves in the comfort of your own home by using headphones or ear buds.

BrainStim Pro is a professional medical brainwave tuning program, which is very useful for doctors, nurses, teachers, and other medical staff. It is an advanced brainwave tuning program which uses binaural technology

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