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Saturday, November 03, 2010

War, Love and Sex Online and Offline: An Update

I was missing in action for a while after an accident and I can never afford not to take a moment to update this post. My brain (as you may know) is still in that state of recovering. I am also missing a fully functional input system. I am slowly getting back to my old self. I have been trying to do things like watering the plants and getting the mailbox into shape so that I can finally close it. This is a good thing, because it has been open so long, I forgot it even existed.

In the last month, I have seen two updates from two opposing camps. The first camp, the Mac camp, declares a victory with a “Mac programmers, you did it!” message and a rainbow flag with a rolling ticker moving up from the bottom. This is a rather small victory for them. “Eh, sure, I love using my Mac, but one cannot hide under the rock forever. It is just a matter of time before Apple comes and kicks us out of our cozy corner.”

The second camp, the Windows camp, is declaring a victory with, “See, two computers do not have to be in the same room, they are just a mouse click away.” This is the camp of Windows. I have a Windows Vista at home and I manage to be able to make a Skype call to my wife and kids without going through the elaborate procedures and steps that I described in a prior post about Skype the “Keep Calm and Skype on”.

How does this relate to War, Love and Sex online and offline? The funny thing is that there isn’t a real-world version of this situation. In the real world, the two groups can play out their war, love and sex conflicts on a normal, everyday basis. Or maybe I am oversimplifying this and I am unaware of a third camp

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Blinkx allows you to find anything fast
Blinkx is fast, easy to use, and extremely intuitive. There is no memory required to use Blinkx and it runs in the background whilst you use the Internet. In a matter of seconds, Blinkx can find an article or a photo of a person you are looking for. Try it free to find out why Blinkx is one of the fastest, easy to use search engines available.

Blinkx is easy to use and available for all web browsers
Are you searching the web? Blinkx uses your web browser to find the information you want and is easily accessible for a fast search. We use your web browser to find and index web pages.

Blinkx works with your browser; download it for free!
Blinkx can be used with all web browsers. Simply download the free, cross-browser version of Blinkx and use it to search your favorite websites.

In less than a second, Blinkx finds what you are looking for
Blinkx’s proprietary search algorithm takes into account any web pages that have already been indexed, so fast, accurate results are provided in a matter of seconds.

Blinkx is free and easy to use
Blinkx is a free search tool. Simply go to, download the browser extension, and start searching the web with just a click of a button. Now you can do more with less, saving you time and money.

Use Blinkx for free
Use the free version of Blinkx, try it out and find out why Blinkx is more than a search engine, it’s a search tool!

Details & Requirements
Version 3.x.x free trial,

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7, Windows 10
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Network: Broadband Internet connection
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How To Install:
Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Download the game from Steam
Mount the ISO file of the game to your hard drive

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