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SoftWriting is a Windows desktop app that converts handwritten notes, letters and memos into a pdf, text or docx file. You can also email these documents to yourself or to your friends and family.
SoftWriting features:
– Convert handwritten notes, letters and memos into text files, pdf, docx or txt files.
– Create and customize your own dictionaries
– Add or remove custom abbreviations
– Automatically add text styles
– Automatically add comments
– Automatically update the time stamp of your documents
– Send your documents by email
– Export the contents of your documents into text files, pdf, docx or txt files
– Allow users to select text from a pdf, docx or text file
– Generate a language-based table of contents
– Print the contents of a document as PDF
– Print the contents of a document as txt, ppt, doc or html
– Quickly convert all handwritten notes in a folder or every document in a folder
– Select desired encoding for conversion
– Transcribe texts in multiple languages
– Convert documents into files of different sizes
– Remove all formatting from your documents and apply a custom color scheme
– Compress and compress files
– Password protect your documents
– Email documents to yourself or your friends and family
– Import or export documents
– Support for PDF and Text documents
– Support for Word documents
– Support for Txt, ppt, doc, html, odt and odp documents
– Support for MatLab, Simulink and C/C++ code documents
– Support for encoding utf-8, utf-16, windows-1250, windows-1251, windows-1252, windows-1253, windows-1254, windows-1255, windows-1256, windows-1257, windows-1258, windows-874, macintosh, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-15, iso-8859-15:2002, euc-jp and big5-hkscs
– Support for PDF, Text, Txt, Ppt, Doc, Html, ODT, ODP and C/C++ code documents
– Support for many encoding types
– Support for many languages
– Support for French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croatian, 384a16bd22

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If the Lan application opens up a QM window on a different platform then you
must have the keymacro file for that platform.
There is no problem with having multiple keymacro files for the same application.
The problem is when you want to use a keymacro file on a different platform from
where you originally loaded the keymacro file.
Create a directory in a location where you will load all the keymacro files. In
this directory you will create the following structure:

This allows you to control where a specific keymacro file comes from. If it
is in your main directory, the normal operation will be to load it from the
main directory. But if it is loaded in the directory with the platform
specific keymacro files, then it will load from that location.
For example, you might have the following structure in a directory on your

If your platform is Linux you could have the keymacro file in your

The.keymacro file would be in your temp directory and you might have
a dictionary directory in the root of your disk and your dictionary
directory might have the directory structure:

You would put the keymacro file into the dictionary directory. You would
load it as such:

I have created a set of C modules that can be loaded into your program.

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