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Although AutoCAD and a few other programs in the Autodesk line of products are exclusively sold and supported by Autodesk, it is also sold and supported by independent software vendors (ISVs). The official name of AutoCAD is “AutoCAD” because it was originally developed in-house. The first version was called AutoCAD LT (“Light Trades”), while subsequent versions have simply been named AutoCAD and include additional features. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2004 were released in parallel, so both versions of AutoCAD contain the same core features. AutoCAD 2013 is the first major version of AutoCAD to be released after the acquisition of TechSmith and is part of a bigger strategy shift by Autodesk to focus more on cloud computing and mobility. This article discusses the basics of AutoCAD, as well as software tools for creating professional-looking drawings and presentations, including AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD WS.

Creating a Document

This article provides a quick overview of the key features of the AutoCAD 2016 software suite. AutoCAD is the most popular and widely used commercial CAD program in the world. It is a complete suite of computer-aided design and drafting tools for both professional designers and amateurs.

Most people who create their own CAD drawings begin by creating a drawing or document and then start to add drawing elements to it. In the following sections, you’ll learn how to create a new drawing, add and edit existing drawing elements, and modify the style of existing elements.

Creating a Drawing

You can open a drawing document by selecting File | New. In the main menu bar, select Draw or Draw | New from Drawing. This opens a dialog box where you can set a title and template for your drawing. Figure 1, below, shows the main menu bar of AutoCAD 2016 and illustrates the dialog box in which you create a new drawing.

Figure 1. You can open a drawing document by selecting File | New. In the main menu bar, select Draw or Draw | New from Drawing. The main menu bar of AutoCAD 2016 displays a dialog box in which you can set a title and template for your drawing.

In Figure 1, the template I chose was a Line Drawing Template. Line drawings are drawn as vector-based graphic elements.

In the drawing area, you can draw any shape or set of shapes, just as you might on

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AutoCAD LT supports 2D CAD applications including Microsoft Visio, CorelDRAW, and Draw.

There are special versions of AutoCAD for the owners of CAD CAM software. CAD CAM products use AutoCAD as a design and rendering tool.

Powerful features and tools of AutoCAD 2015 can be used in QuickCAD.

Merging features from AutoCAD and other products

Some features of AutoCAD are available in other products. Some of these are:

Data integration with Microsoft Access: Adding features from AutoCAD to Microsoft Access allows users to work in a familiar environment. The Microsoft Access Database Engine allows data from Microsoft Excel and Word documents to be integrated with Access and stored in a common Microsoft Access file.

Integration with Microsoft Project: Similar to Access, Microsoft Project provides a platform to integrate and manage design data and the database that holds this data.

Integration with Microsoft Visio: This is another Microsoft Office suite application, that has very similar features to AutoCAD.

Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint: AutoCAD also has many integrations with these other Microsoft Office applications, allowing data to be managed from the same interface.

Integration with Web browsers: Many products have been created to integrate with the web browser to facilitate data management from the web. AutoCAD is no exception and many products have been developed to manage data from web based or mobile applications.

Integration with Google Earth and Google Maps: Google Earth is a popular, web-based mapping tool that allows the user to view data on a map. Integration with Google Earth allows the user to drag and drop the data from a map of the design from Google Earth into the design package.

File formats

AutoCAD’s native file format is the.DWG (Drawing) file format. These files are the result of a drawing session. A drawing may consist of many objects, which themselves may contain other objects and so on. AutoCAD, and other CAD packages, can import and export the following formats:
AutoCAD Drawing: (AutoCAD 2007+)

DWG: (AutoCAD 2007+),

PDF: (AutoCAD 2007+),

SVG: (AutoCAD 2007+),

(AutoCAD LT 2007+)

XML: (AutoCAD LT 2007+),

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What’s New in the?

“Request Review”:

Drawing commands that specify revisions to your drawings are now more efficient. Each revision has a unique ID. When you select the “Request Review” command from the command line, you are prompted to review a Revision ID. If the Revision ID is assigned to a drawing, you are given the option to either keep the existing drawing or to modify the drawing to your revision.

“Share Draft”:

The “Share Draft” command is now available in Revit and ArchiCAD. Designers are now able to share specific views of their Revit or ArchiCAD documents with others. The Revit “Share Draft” command allows you to share a drawing with a Revit project. You can also share a model with a project team using the “Share Draft” command in ArchiCAD. (video: 1:13 min.)

Faster command line to support JSON interoperability:

The command line has been enhanced to support JSON support, which is an emerging standard in the software industry that allows for interoperability of different software applications, including CAD and BIM tools.


The “Tag” command has been redesigned to streamline the process of attaching tags to drawings, and to avoid conflicts between drawings and objects that are named the same way. You can now use the “Tag” command to quickly attach tags to components, sections, and regions. When naming sections or regions, you are now prompted to assign a unique number to the component. If you choose not to do this, a unique name is generated.

AutoCAD Import formats:

The AutoCAD Import formats have been expanded to support several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. More than 30 languages have been added, and there are new formats for other popular file types.

Web and Mobile App updates:

Several improvements have been made to the Web App and the mobile apps, and a few new mobile apps have been added to the collection.

And much more…

Check out the AutoCAD 2023 Release Notes for more information about what’s new in AutoCAD 2023. To learn more about AutoCAD, please visit the Autodesk website.

The new AutoCAD 2023 release offers several new features for users of the AutoC

System Requirements:

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