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Introduction and Basic Function

The basic function of AutoCAD Serial Key is to draw and edit geometric shapes.

To begin with, a new user can create a new drawing, edit an existing drawing, or open an existing drawing. As shown in Figure 1.1, the AutoCAD main screen displays an outline view of a predesigned house. (This house is just a sample to demonstrate the basic functions.) If you select the Build Design button, the drawing opens in an edit mode. You can see the main house shape at this point. By selecting the Edit Shapes button, you can edit the shape, which is now displayed as shown in Figure 1.2. To exit edit mode, select the Exit button.

Figure 1.1. The AutoCAD main screen.

Figure 1.2. The house shape is displayed in edit mode.

Sometimes, the interior walls of a house have floors and ceilings. To show this, a house can be divided into three-dimensional space. In AutoCAD, a space is divided into a rectangular area that is either horizontal or vertical (Figure 1.3). If you select the Build Design button, the drawing opens in an edit mode. You can see the inside space of the main house at this point. By selecting the Edit Space button, you can edit the inside space of the main house as shown in Figure 1.4. To exit edit mode, select the Exit button.

Figure 1.3. An example of a three-dimensional space is displayed.

Figure 1.4. The three-dimensional space of the house is displayed in edit mode.

To show a freehand drawing of a complex shape, you can enter Freehand mode.

The selected command or an external application can be executed by choosing its icon.

If you are working in edit mode, to close an open view, choose a double-arrow or a triangle button at the top-right side of the screen.

To create a 2D or 3D view, or to view a drawing, choose a View button (Figure 1.5). To view the drawing again, press the Home key.

Figure 1.5. To view a drawing, choose a View button.

To exit the drawing and return to the main screen, select the Home button.

To exit the drawing and return to the main screen, select the Home button.

To add, draw, or edit

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AutoCAD Origin, which is a desktop application to create drawing objects and modify properties such as linetypes, text styles, page setups, and dimensions for imported files.

Autodesk Architecture 360 is a cloud service that allows users to construct 3D models on-the-fly by using 3D construction, which is a new method that does not require specialized knowledge of 3D modeling. In this method, the 3D model is assembled, edited, and validated using a combination of computer vision and 3D modeling.

Autodesk Structure is a project management and CAD system. In 2003 Autodesk Structure was called ProjectPlace, and it was part of Autodesk Construction products. Autodesk Construction was discontinued in 2015.

Autodesk 2017 Suite provides Autodesk’s cloud-based project portfolio software as a single platform for CAD, engineering, and construction. In November 2017, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Shift4, which consists of two firms, M-CAD Inc. and Shift4 Corp., a developer of CAD and design platform solutions. Shift4 was released as a cloud-based solution in 2016.

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AutoCAD For PC

Then click on options on Autocad and search for the option called:
“Make Virtual PC Layer from Drawing”

Click on it and follow the steps.

How to install it
Download the required files

“Select Setup File” and place it on your desktop.
“Unzip it”

You have a folder named “”
Open the folder.

Open the setup and follow the steps

That’s all. Enjoy your new layer


I have a solution for how to activate your new layer.
There is a simple way to activate this.
I tested this.

I have installed AutoCAD 2012 on my PC.
I have AutoCAD layer on layer_01. I have tried layer_02 and layer_03 as well.
I have copied the layer_01 on my PC.
I have tried opening the layer_01 with AutoCAD.
I have closed the layer_01.
I have opened the layer_01 again.
I have closed it again.
I have saved the layer_01 with File->Save As..
I have changed the name of layer_01 to layer_02
I have opened the layer_01 again.
I have saved the layer_01 with File->Save As..
I have closed the layer_01.
I have opened the layer_02.
I have saved the layer_02 with File->Save As..
I have closed the layer_02.
I have opened the layer_03.
I have saved the layer_03 with File->Save As..
I have closed the layer_03.
I have activated the layer_02 and layer_03.

It works fine for me.
I have no issue with the activation.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Create your own timelines for your work, and keep track of deadlines and project status.

Start your drawing in AutoCAD by drawing a rectangle or circle and creating a one-click shape. (video: 1:14 min.)

Draw 2D and 3D objects and convert them to path primitives to easily edit objects in your drawings.

Re-render a selected area in just seconds. You can keep changes to a drawing without redrawing the entire drawing.

Create your own collections of repetitive tasks. Then, chain and sequence them to automate more tasks.

Control the format of existing drawings with Markup Assist.

Save time and money using industry-standard, popular business applications with AutoCAD. And now the AutoCAD for macOS app is available. (video: 1:25 min.)

Wireframe Creation:

Generate 3D wireframe models of your drawings for you and your team to collaborate on. Add annotations, notes, and supporting information for each model.

View the entire AutoCAD wireframe in context, which makes it easy to understand the difference between different features. (video: 2:38 min.)

Add some punch to wireframe graphics by customizing line style, color, and line width for each section. (video: 2:39 min.)

Insert 3D labels into models for annotations.

Create and customize your own collections of wireframes. And you can now easily import and share wireframes.

Coordinate and generate schedules for work or meetings in a variety of ways, including programatically using scripts.

Easily mark the start and end of an issue, or create a record of your progress throughout your design work.

Design your own CAD tools and workflows. This can include accessing and interacting with your designs through scripts and applications.

With AutoCAD’s new marker options, you can add marker lines that automatically activate when you move to a new or existing layer.

Significantly improve productivity and accuracy when marking up floor plans, elevations, and other non-geometric areas in AutoCAD.

Draw lines between existing geometric features and directly to a shape or model. The feature is automatically placed and named.

You can quickly extend an existing line to cover multiple objects in AutoCAD.

Make corrections in two

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Before download and installation
The installation of the game requires some hardware requirements
Processor: Intel i5-2.5Ghz or greater
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 670 or greater (AMD Radeon HD 7970 or greater)
RAM: 16 GB or greater
HDD Space: 30 GB or greater
Recommended System Requirements:
How to install it?
Download the latest version of the game from the link above.
When the download is complete,

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