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Key features of AutoCAD Serial Key

With AutoCAD 2018, you can create 2D and 3D models, view and manage large and complex drawings, perform a wide range of drawing tasks, and share documents with colleagues and collaborators.

Let’s explore the key features of AutoCAD 2018.

1. Beginners’ Note

This video shows how AutoCAD 2018 functions on a new computer system. It is intended for users who have no experience with AutoCAD or previous versions of AutoCAD.

2. Basic drawing

This video demonstrates how to use the features of the AutoCAD 2018 basic drawing.

3. Designing models

This video demonstrates how to use the features of the AutoCAD 2018 modeling tools.

4. Drafting and editing

This video demonstrates how to use the features of the AutoCAD 2018 drafting and editing tools.

5. New DWF/DXF files

This video shows how to open and manipulate files in the new DWF/DXF format.

6. Navigating and selecting

This video demonstrates how to navigate through the elements of a drawing.

7. Professional features

This video demonstrates how to use the AutoCAD 2018 professional features.

8. Supported file types

This video lists the supported file types, including the original drawing formats and the new DWF/DXF formats.

9. Organizing files

This video shows how to manage drawings and DWF/DXF files in different file systems.

10. Windows and Mac environments

This video shows how to use AutoCAD on a computer system running the Windows 10 operating system or the macOS operating system.

11. Licensing and updates

This video discusses the AutoCAD 2018 licensing options and the availability of new product updates.

12. Tablet and mobile apps

This video shows how to use the new AutoCAD 2018 mobile and web apps.

AutoCAD 2018 and its main features

In AutoCAD 2018, you can design 2D and 3D drawings, view and manage large and complex drawings, perform a wide range of drawing tasks, and share documents with colleagues and collaborators.

AutoCAD 2018 can perform various drafting tasks in 2D and 3D drawings, including planning, drafting, and editing.

You can manipulate and manage various types of drawings, including

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AutoCAD’s unique ability to create most of the same geometry used in Autodesk Design is often used in architectural design. AutoCAD architectural applications typically have functions to allow the creation of exterior or interior elevations of buildings, provide an interactive view of the building construction, and provide data and information for the required construction. The applications are built on top of AutoCAD with the ability to create and modify the drawings, and export to and import from DXF.

AutoCAD architectural applications are created using the following common methods:
Customizable pre-defined palettes, which the user can modify to perform specific tasks
Creating a custom drawing window using the drawing tools, and drawing data manipulation tools
Drawing extension methods

Numerous specialized architectural applications have been created using AutoCAD to create specific types of geometries. These include, for example, sections, walls, doors, roofs, elevations, plans, and BIM models. The geometry creation capabilities and tools in the individual applications are typically specific to that type of geometry.

Many products have also been developed that extend AutoCAD’s functionality in specific fields. These include AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD Electrical is a specialized application for electrical engineering and planning and design. AutoCAD Architecture is a specialized application for creating architectural plans and elevations. AutoCAD Civil 3D is a specialized application for civil engineering and planning and design, and AutoCAD Map 3D is a specialized application for creating 3D maps.

Model based design

The Model Based Design (MBD) subsystem of AutoCAD is used to create Computer-aided design models in the form of computer-based representations of physical products. MBD uses a process of moving blocks of geometry and geometry from the 2D drawing and exporting the blocks as objects that can be manipulated, combined, and linked.

The internal objects and processes in AutoCAD for MBD are:
Graphical objects
Schematic representations
Linked geometry

Some of the following external functions are available for MBD:
Geometric alignment
Block definition and placement
Region modification
Curve and surface editing
Boolean operations
Wireframe tools
Feature extraction
Dimensioning and snapping tools
Nested dimensioning
Data management

In addition to the above functions, MBD subsystem

AutoCAD 20.1 Free Download

Install any plugins from the Autodesk Plugin Manager.
Find a service center with an active internet connection.

Open the Autodesk Autocad software.

Enter the full version number you got from Autocad.
Click [Run]
Wait till Autocad is installed (may take a few minutes).

Click on [Tools]
Click on [Keygen]
Enter the license key and press [Generate]
Repeat step 1-4 for the other installation files.


Just to clear up the comments, Autodesk Autocad is just the name for the Autocad Desktop Subscription, which is used for accessing your own data. It’s not really meant for sharing, but it’s compatible with Acrobat and if the DRM gets through for Internet publication then you have to redownload the entire thing.
To create a key for the Autocad desktop subscription, you need to have your unique username and password (not the email address) for your Autodesk account.
The desktop product is free, and the subscription version is only $1500/year, so you’ll probably want to go with the free one.


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What’s New in the?

A flexible proofing environment that helps you get your designs right the first time. Configure and edit layers, styles, layer properties, and dimension styles to make a truly unique design. And optimize for your design workflow to make your life easier.

Improved presentation quality by incorporating high-resolution vector graphics directly into AutoCAD layouts. In addition to native AutoCAD graphics, you can share highly detailed layouts,.eps, and.pdf formats.

A new Design Center gives you the flexibility to work with and organize all your drawings, drawings, and more.

New workspaces bring you to your project’s heart—the drawing board. Whether you’re a master draftsman or a busy team leader, you can create new drawings from a centralized directory, make multiple drawings from a single drawing, and lock them for collaboration.

Modern, simple tools bring you closer to the data you need. New tools and templates give you more flexibility to share information efficiently and accurately.

Quickly create quality, accurate plans with a new drafting toolbox. Leverage standard engineering templates and custom-fit plan elements to save time and create professional, well-organized designs.

Graphical interfaces give you the tools to bring your ideas to life. Automatically create layers based on geometric shapes, enable infinite scale using the new polar coordinate system, and use traditional drawing tools with your,.eps, and.pdf layouts.

A new Mesh tool gives you the ability to create precise details. Cut, carve, break, and blend smooth surfaces in a variety of complex shapes. For complex components and meshes, replace tessellation points with smart brushes to complete fast and precise modeling.

Our user-first approach is delivering more creative options and a more productive user experience. You can now share your designs directly from within AutoCAD—no more switching between apps or online.

Mobile on-the-go ease-of-use is now available on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Professional collaboration and collaboration are no longer obstacles. See and work with others’ designs right from within AutoCAD. Join a team, share designs, and collaborate with features such as direct communication with other users and the ability to lock views to create a shared design space.

Our upgrade to new native Raster to Vector tools helps save time by making it easier to create and edit vector

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1
CPU: Intel Dual Core processor
Memory: 2GB
VGA: 1024×768
DirectX: 9.0
Network: Broadband connection
Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
Recommended Requirements:
CPU: Intel Quad Core processor
Memory: 4GB
VGA: 1280×1024

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