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AudioCDburner Cracked Version is an intuitive tool to create compact audio CDs with a list of various options. It can help you burn MP3 files, compress them or split them into multiple pieces. Moreover, you can split a CD into two discs by clicking the appropriate button. This burning solution is really easy to operate as it does not include any advanced features.
Its flat interface simplifies the work with this program. Users can easily navigate through the interface and select various options by using a keyboard. There is a separate panel for entering data such as file names, etc.
The program supports multiple file formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, MIDI, ACC and V0. It can help you compress WAV, MP3 and WMA files into MP3 formats. The application also allows you to split audio files into multiple parts. You can use this function to split an audio CD into two files with a specified length.
AudioCDburner supports audio codecs such as AAC, Dolby AC3, E-AC3, etc. In the main window you can also choose the MP3 bit rate and convert your audio files into MP3 (in the program itself). Additionally, it is possible to organize the files by dragging them from the project list into the main window.
The interface is clean and it doesn’t have any cluttered appearance. You can choose from various themes and pick the color scheme that best suits your preferences. The app supports WinVista, Win7, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
AudioCDburner does not come with any advanced and convenient settings, but you can still change the playback options (enable the volume slider and Play/Pause button). This makes the tool more versatile and can be very useful for some people. It is possible to manage the songs as well as the files that you have already added to the project by moving them up and down.
The program also features an option to help you edit the project list by deleting, adding and rearranging the files. It’s also possible to sort the items according to file size, type, date, etc. The very useful search option is particularly useful and it makes the app more convenient.
AudioCDburner can cut and paste a text into the form and it can also use hyperlinks. You can also remove or edit the contents of the highlighted text. This feature makes the program more useful and can help you create CD notes or other text.
To conclude

AudioCDburner [Mac/Win] [April-2022]

AudioCDburner Activation Code is a small software solution that can help you create your own custom music CDs. This burning application comes in handy for all those who want to create audio CDs with minimum effort. The user interface is really simplistic and you should get used to working with this program in no time. You can also change the look of the program by selecting a theme.
As opposed to other advanced burning tools that are fully-featured and can create various projects, AudioCDburner can solely create audio CDs. Hence, it doesn’t come packed with other features such as erasing re-writable discs, enabling text mode, creating ISO compilations or setting audio parameters (e.g. channel, volume, audio codec).
Unfortunately, the app supports a single file format (WAV) and it doesn’t allow you to drag and drop the files into the main window.
AudioCDburner displays information about the songs such as file name, length and type. The items can be removed or arranged in the order you want them to appear by moving them up or down.
It is also possible to preview the disk usage and to pick the media size.
The main window is minimalist and it doesn’t bundle any configuration settings. This could be useful for all those who want to burn music data on the go without being coerced to deal with many settings.
The bottom line is that AudioCDburner is a small but efficient application that can burn audio CDs quickly and effortlessly. It’s easy to work with and light on your system resources. Thanks to its overall simplicity and clean layout it appeals to both beginners and professionals.
The developer of AudioCDburner is CoolReader.COM AG. The company is a prominent company for compact CD-writing software solutions. They also develop other software such as CoolReader DVD Creator.
Does AudioCDburner have an evaluation version?
Yes, you can evaluate the latest version of AudioCDburner for free using the link provided in the Additional Info section.
The trial version allows you to use all the features of the tool but it won’t allow you to create new CDs.
How can I download AudioCDburner?
AudioCDburner is available on this page for free. You can download the application either through the links provided on this page or by purchasing a license key from our website.
What languages does AudioCDburner support?
AudioCDburner is available in multiple languages, namely


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System Requirements For AudioCDburner:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
Windows XP/Vista Processor: Dual Core or Quad Core, 2.4GHz minimum.
Dual Core or Quad Core, 2.4GHz minimum. Memory: 1GB RAM or more
1GB RAM or more Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 or better. ATI Radeon HD 2800 or better.
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