Ashampoo Magical Security Product Key For PC (April-2022)

Keeping your documents private from unauthorized viewing is a sensitive problem tackled by many dedicated tools on the market. While some programs bundle many encryption algorithms to choose from or offer simple locking options, Ashampoo Magical Security comes with a different approach for encrypting or decrypting files.
The powerful encryption algorithm provided by this tool transforms the data from your documents into an unreadable mix of letters. Once you run the application, you are required to specify a master password which should contain at least six characters. You need to remember the password, otherwise you are not able to decode the files.
It boasts a clean and intuitive interface that offers quick access to all the files and folders stored in your computer. In order to ensure the work flow, Ashampoo Magical Security is able to integrate into the Windows Explorer.
The program supports batch processing, which means you can encrypt multiple files simultaneously. What’s more, in order to prevent data leakage from your computer, the app automatically deletes the original files and keeps only the encoded items.
Other useful functions worth mentioning give users the possibility of storing the files in a self-extracting EXE archive, burning the encoded information to a CD or DVD, as well as compressing the encoded files and sending them via email by using your default client.
All in all, Ashampoo Magical Security is a handy application that simplifies the entire task of encrypting documents in a secured way. However, its weak point is the master password which can be hacked, so make sure it remains private.









Ashampoo Magical Security Crack + Free License Key

Ashampoo Magical Security Activation Code is a versatile application that helps users to encrypt and secure their files, so they won’t fall into the hands of unauthorized people. You can encrypt files with the help of AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. The process is easy – the program converts the original file into an encrypted file of the same name, and a password is required to decrypt it.
With the help of this application, you can:
– Use AES 256-bit encryption algorithm to encrypt your files and folders;
– Prevent unauthorized access to your files and folders;
– Maintain safety and prevent data leakage from your computer;
– Enable compression of your encrypted files and folders;
– Burn the encrypted files to a CD/DVD;
– Batch process the encrypted files;
– Compress the encrypted files and send them via email by using your default email client.
Version 4.1.0
– Added ability to burn files to a CD/DVD;
– Fixed issue with Password Protection dialog;
– Fixed issue with “Encrypted File” dialog;
– Fixed issue with startup;
– Fixed issue with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) mode in preferences;
– Fixed issue with password encoding;
– Fixed issue with automatic update not working;
– Fixed issue with shortcut not working in Windows Explorer;
– Fixed issue with help icon in help dialog;
– Fixed issue with key size when AES 256-bit is used;
– Fixed issue with invalid password in Options;
– Fixed issue with Windows menu key on English keyboard layouts;
– Fixed issue with Encrypted File Manager icon;
– Fixed issue with mouse click on Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with deletion of self-extracting files and shortcuts;
– Fixed issue with unsupported file type when Compressing encrypted files;
– Fixed issue with opening of files containing special characters;
– Fixed issue with updating shortcuts for shortcuts that are not encrypted;
– Fixed issue with background image in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with white space on decrypted files in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with Drag and Drop in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with hidden files in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with invalid shortcuts in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with file corruption when opening self-extracting files;
– Fixed issue with Help icon not appearing in Encrypted File Manager;
– Fixed issue with Help dialog not appearing

Ashampoo Magical Security Crack+ With Serial Key

Ashampoo Magical Security is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and powerful file encryption and decryption tool. It is also among the few tools that combine different and powerful encryption algorithms, such as AES 256bit, Twofish, Blowfish, and ChaCha20 to provide users with a complete solution for security and privacy.
AES 256bit
AES 256bit is an encryption algorithm that creates 256-bit keys, which means that 256bit are used to create 256-bit encryption keys.
M.2. 1394/Firewire
This feature allows users to keep their files safe in a situation when the operating system fails. The program creates an encrypted file of any size without using any additional space.
Lossless File Encode
The program supports LZO compressor to reduce the size of the file. This allows users to keep their files safe in case of a crash or data loss.
Encrypt in Batch
The tool allows users to encrypt multiple files without creating duplicates or keeping an archive. All the documents are kept encrypted in the memory and encrypted directly in the disk.
Audio/Video Audio/Video Encoding
The tool allows users to encrypt their entire video collection using an audio layer. The user can assign a passphrase to the video files and keep them hidden from others.
Safe Burning
The tool supports fast and safe burning of encrypted files to CD or DVD.
Safe Email Encryption
A user can send encrypted files via email using default email clients. The recipients can recover the files from the email by specifying a passphrase.
Extra Encryption
It also supports extra encryption of the directory, which means that the application encodes all the files and folders on the drive as well as the compressed files and archives.
Password Generator
This feature helps to protect the documents that contain private data or contain sensitive text in their content. The program generates a secure password for your documents in a random manner.
Random Password
Password Generator also provides users with a random password option, which helps to secure the documents with complex passwords.
Hash Codes
Hash codes are the combination of text characters, numbers, and symbols, which are used to encrypt files. This feature lets users encrypt files without creating any additional data.
It also prevents data leakage from the computer when the user updates the application. The tool allows the user to revoke an online update and keep the original version on the disk.
Password Assistant
A user can create and manage multiple passwords

Ashampoo Magical Security

Ashampoo Magical Security is a powerful and intuitive encryption tool. It was created with the goal of protecting sensitive information against unauthorized access by copying it into an encoded state.
In a world where an increasing number of people are under pressure to leak sensitive data, your data should remain private and should not be accessible by unauthorized persons. The easy-to-use Ashampoo Magical Security software provides a solution for this.
Ashampoo Magical Security not only encrypts individual files, but also entire directories, so that you can store private information within these folders.
You can use Ashampoo Magical Security to encrypt either a single file or a whole directory. If you decide to encrypt a single file, you only have to enter a password to begin the process. The program automatically saves the password in an encrypted form and stores it in a hidden file. When the user desires to decode the file, he needs the password and is asked to enter it.
Another option offered by Ashampoo Magical Security is to encrypt whole directories. Just select the directories you want to protect and then select the folder you want to protect. You can set various parameters and enter a password to start the process.
These parameters include the maximum number of attempts that the user can make to decrypt the files in order to avoid a brute force attack on the encryption key. The amount of time can be set in minutes, hours or even days.
Another useful feature of Ashampoo Magical Security is its integration with the Windows Explorer. The program can operate in the background of your favorite file manager. You can use its integrated search function to find the encrypted files. What’s more, you can integrate this application with your mail client and automatically send encrypted files when you have them ready to send.
Additional Features:
– Encryption of single files or entire directories
– Batch processing
– Self-extracting EXE archive
– Burning encrypted information to CD/DVD
– Sending encrypted files via email
– Integration with Windows Explorer
– Password management
– Password hints
– Password changing
– Password history

WISeKey is a desktop utility to protect files, folders, documents, and drives in Windows from unauthorized access, deletion, and modification. It features simple, one-click encryption and decryption with 256-bit AES-256 bit Blowfish, AES-192 bit Triple DES, RSA 1024-bit, and RSA 2048-bit algorithms. Besides, it allows to mask and rename the encrypted files and folders. WISeKey is also a

What’s New In Ashampoo Magical Security?

* Encrypts your documents with the powerful AES algorithm
* Compresses the files and sends them by email
* Allows you to compress and burn the encrypted files
* Encrypts files and folders in an easy way
* Storing files in an.exe archive
* Supports batch processing
* Backs up and restores the original files
* Supports your default mail client
* Allows file-level encryption
* Combines storage and encryption
Ashampoo Magical Security Price:
Download it free today from the official site.

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System Requirements For Ashampoo Magical Security:

Windows Vista/7/8 or 10 OS, 64 bit architecture
Intel or AMD processor running at 2.0Ghz or higher.
3 GB or more RAM
20 GB or more of free hard-disk space
1 GB of graphics memory (an example of a card that supports the hardware is Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD R5xx series)
We are not responsible for any issues that may arise due to your configuration, operating system or graphics driver.
Minimum Graphics Requirements:
Windows Vista/7/8 or 10

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