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Quick Access Keys that speed up the work with text-based data.

NewModes Description:
The NEWModes feature allows you to create a model of you choice or a new one from scratch by importing a file.

ExistingModes Description:
The ExistingModes feature allows you to create a model of you choice or a new one from scratch by importing a file.

FileLines Description:
FileLines is a tiny utility to show the exact position of a certain number of strings and/or line numbers in your file or archive.

FileEdit Description:
FileEdit is a tiny utility to let you edit the name of a file or a specific line number.

FileVal Description:
FileVal is a tiny utility to let you valuate a file or a specific line number.

Taurus 1.0 is a Microsoft.NET 1.1 plug-in for the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Control for Winforms.
Taurus is a Windows Forms application that can be used to drag and drop text files onto a taurus panel.
Once the file is dropped, the program can be used to open the file in one of several possible program and use the information contained in the files.
A taurus panel contains a drop zone in the form of a scrollable list. In the bottom right hand corner of the panel, when the panel is in Full-screen mode, a new button appears to let the user open the file in a regular text editor.
Once the user has entered all the information into the text file, the user can save the file to be used again later, and all the relevant data can be returned to the user in a convenient way.

FileFetcher Description:
FileFetcher is a visual application for creating a list of files from your PC to your portable device.
The FileFetcher is a solution for monitoring multiple directories and send all the files located there to your portable device.

Doxie Description:
The doxie project is a C# library that provides a relatively easy way to create a file-based encryption/decryption library.

Microsoft.NET 1.1 is an implementation of the Common Language Runtime for Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft.NET 1.1 is a set of specifications which define the common language runtime (CLR), which is the most important part of Microsoft.NET.
The CLR is also used in other Microsoft products d82f892c90

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Helpful for computer users, programmers and any others interested in macro recording. KEYMACRO can record any keystroke in Windows, at the level of individual keys, as long as you have the option to install the latest version. You can use a convenient setting to type in specific programs or websites and make it possible for you to capture the keystrokes or mouse clicks made. You can store all keystrokes and mouse clicks as a collection of time-stamped records, along with their associated settings. KEYMACRO can also record the mouse’s movements, with a setting to scroll the mouse wheel or simulate moving the mouse pointer on-screen. After it has recorded your keystrokes, mouse clicks or mouse movements, you can quickly replay the saved data, view it, edit it, sort it and save it to a file.
C-Macro Description:
Simple data collection. With C-Macro, you can record your mouse clicks, keystrokes and mouse movements by dragging a cursor (and all associated settings) on-screen. You can also copy and paste the recorded data to any application, with a click on a “play button”. You can also use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+M to activate the Macro module.
KeyCoach Description:
With KeyCoach, you can make video tutorials to teach users the skills they need to perform complex tasks on their computer. After recording your video tutorial, you can export it to several formats including AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MOV, M4V and MP3. To record your video tutorials, you can use your webcam (if one is installed) or take a picture of your computer display using KeyCoach’s built-in image-capture tool. The app is very easy to use, and you can record video tutorials with the press of a few buttons.
KeyBooster Description:
The KeyBooster software helps you to make and play computer-based games with your keyboard. It allows you to record your mouse clicks and keystrokes to make it easier to recreate the positions of the objects on-screen, and record the movements you made with the mouse. The software also lets you easily enter the same codes, commands or buttons with different keyboard layouts.
KeyBooster is a powerful tool, making it easy to record keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. You can also use it to speed up your video game play, with settings to quickly advance the game from the previous level to the next


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